Our Story

Two years ago, on July 19, 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic’s stay-at-home mandate, the Salas-Anderl family was met with the tragic death of their only son, Daniel Anderl.  

An anti-feminist, racist lawyer targeted Judge Esther Salas and gathered her personal identifiable information from the internet, stalked the family, and attempted to carry out a plan to assassinate her.

Six days after Daniel had turned 20 years old, on a Sunday at 5pm, hate came to their front door and rang their doorbell. Daniel answered the door and in protection of his parents, he was killed with one shot to the heart. Mark was shot multiple times.    

In a split second, the Salas-Anderl family was changed forever. Their only son was tragically taken by unjustified hate. Mark sustained life-threatening injuries, has undergone over 15 surgical procedures, and continues to struggle with his health. 
In the inexplicable and unimaginable after shock of the loss of their one only child, guided by their faith, they choose to forgive the hate that stole their most sacred love, their child. In the midst of the most painful tragedy anyone can imagine, they have mustered incredible courage and strength to endure and persevere. Now, they choose to celebrate the life of their son and to honor his legacy with their deep belief that “Hate is Heavy. Love is Light.” They choose to do all things to find a new way to live a life that honors Daniel, their love, their light.  

Daniel was a hero; he sacrificed his life for his mother and father at just 20 years of age. Now, given his sacrifice, judges’ personal identifiable information is not readily available due to the Daniel Anderl Judicial Security and Privacy Act of 2020. The Salas-Anderl family continues to fight for similar legislation at the national level. You can help by clicking https://www.senate.gov/senators/senators-contact.htm, selecting your senators, and urging them to pass the national Daniel Anderl Judicial Security Awareness Act.

July 19, 2022 marks two years since the loss of Daniel. Prior to this, the Salas-Anderl family enjoyed daily, long walks with their dogs. It was these walks that strengthened their family bond and bodies - so much so, that Mark was at the epitome of health and was able to withstand the multiple gunshot surgeries he underwent to save his life.

Two years later, on Saturday, July 16th, Daniel’s legacy will be honored with The 2nd/LAST LOVE IS LIGHT 5K RUN/WALK at the North Brunswick Community Park where Daniel played countless baseball games from grammar school to high school. 

When you support the Daniel Anderl Love is Light 5K Run/Walk, you help keep Daniel’s light shining forever.  You help bring awareness about the need to keep the personal information of judges private and off public websites.  Additionally, the 5K will kick start an endowed scholarship fund that will help young men and women ease the financial burden of completing their education and allows them to focus on their academic and professional ambitions. 

For those of you who say you will be on vacation, are out of shape… or are otherwise committed on July 16th, we say - wherever you may be, we encourage you to run, walk or even take a stroll with a loved one, think about Danny... and CHOOSE to celebrate life.   When you do this, you honor the selfless sacrifice of a young man who, in a split second, chose LOVE.

When you Run/Walk for Daniel Anderl, you know that LOVE IS LIGHT!

We are excited to have you join us! 

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