One World Strong Foundation - 2019 Boston Marathon Team

Mon April 15, 2019 Boston, MA US 02116 Directions
700 Boylston Street
Boston, MA US 02116

2019 Boston Marathon Team

The One World Strong Foundation (OWS) is a nonprofit organization created  to establish a vibrant international community of survivors of terrorism, hate crimes, or traumatic events that provides peer-to-peer hope, support and mentorship to anyone impacted by these events.

OWS recognizes the importance of connecting with a communities composed of caring individuals that have themselves been impacted by trauma and whom have navigated the complex labyrinth of physical and emotional recovery. OWS was created by survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings as a way to help others dealing with traumatic injuries suffered as a result of man-made disasters. The inspiration for OWS was the critical support and mentorship we ourselves experienced in our darkest hours. In the days following the marathon bombings, a group of Veterans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, members of the Semper Fi Fund, felt compelled to visit Boston survivors to provide a very unique form of guidance and encouragement. The Veteran Semper Fi Fund representatives were matched with survivors having similar injuries to help illuminate the path forward and the possibility of a positive future. The relationships that ensued allowed many of the marathon survivors to move through the healing process, both physically and emotionally, in a much more efficient and effective way. We are deeply grateful for the support we received and recognize that we now have the very unique ability to provide this invaluable support to others.

As an organization, we work closely with other survivors and healthcare experts with survivor communities across the globe. Working together, we are able to deploy a resource team composed of survivors from these communities to areas within the US and around the globe to meet with those recently effected by traumatic events. We utilize personal visits, secure private networks and social media to establish interpersonal connections and provide ongoing support throughout the recovery and healing process.

We strive to unite and heal in the face of division and harm. We want others to know that they are never alone. We encourage survivors like ourselves to always find a way to move forward and to never give up. Together, we can be One World Strong.

To apply to be a part of our 2019 Marathon Team, please contact the Race Director below to obtain a application.

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