MTCX Zwift Cyclocross Series

Wed October 21 - Wed November 18 Missoula, MT 59802 US
Missoula, MT US 59802

MTCX is putting on a Zwift Indoor Trainer Cyclocross Themed race series.  I miss getting together with everyone, riding hard, staying fit, and being competitive.  I'd like to get together this Fall for some trainer racing.  

New for this series.  You can also register for the group "keep it together" ride on Thursday at 6pm.  Same course, just a workout, group ride based, Facebook live workout.  Just chose that selection during registration and I will invite you on Zwift Companion.  I will be on the Facebook live providing the group instructions or you can just ride along.  At the conclusion of the Thursday Ride, we'll get right into our core workout.  Coach Emily Linton will be on the live stream to lead us.


The series is sponsored by Big Sky Brewing I Zillastate


Basic Information

The series is five races, five different courses.  For five Wednesday's in a row, starting October 21st, 2020.  The race start time is 6pm (mst).  There is also a 9pm make up race offered every week.  Please read the technology section below on more details about start times.  You need to register on this page for the races you'd like to do.  Each race will be on a different, flat to punchy, cyclocross style course.  Individual course information is in the course section below.  You must be on Zwift.  You must have the Zwift Companion App.  You must wear a heart rate strap.  Here is a link to the Strava Club. Check the technology and cheaters section for more information on that.


Technology and Must Have's

In order to register and compete in the races, you must have a Zwift setup.  Bicycling Magazine has a nice piece on getting setup with Zwift, you can click that here.  Also, I'm happy to be a resource.  My contact is  Beyond the general Zwift setup, you also must wear a heart rate strap to compete in this series.  The next steps are to follow "Shaun Radley MTCX" on the Zwift Companion App on your phone (download this app if you don't have it already).  This is how you get invited to the Zwift Meetup or in our case the individual races.  Once you have followed me, I will first make sure you've registered on this page and then I will officially invite you to the races through Zwift Companion.  This is the most important step and actually gets you on the ride.  On race day, you want to login to Zwift at least 20 minutes prior, so 5:40 pm.  Then you want to physically enter and ride in a world.  Ideally, the world you ride in is the one that contains our course for that day (for example if the course is "Watopia Waistband" then you should ride in "Watopia" before the race).  At some point, anywhere from 2-20 minutes before the start, you will get a message that asks if you want to join the Meetup.  Just click "Join."  Your avatar will move to the starting pen for the course with all the other registered racers.  There is a ticker counting down till the ride start.  This is the ticker till when the race starts. 


Facebook LIve

All races will be steamed on Facebook Live, on the ZILLASTATE page.  I'll provide some commentary and folks can watch my screen.


Join our Strava Club.  The name of the club is MTCX Zwift Racing.  I will use the Zwift Companion App for race results in each category.  If there is a technology issue I will use the Strava segment as a back up.


The Facebook Club is where most race updates are posted.


Race Categories

Below are some guidelines on which category to register for.  All the races will start on "one gun."  With all categories being together and racing together in one group (keep this in mind for your strategy). The category results will be posted in the results spreadsheet post-race. For this series we will use the Zwift and Zwift Power Cateogies for watts per kg of current body weight.  Use your Zwift category please.

A: 4+ W/kg.
B: 3.9-3.2 W/kg.
C: 3.1-2.5 W/kg.
D: 2.4-1 W/kg.


Rules and Doping

- If you'd like to trainer dope, dope in general, or worry about others doping then this is probably not the event for you.  I can spot folks who aren't being realistic and take it up with them one on one.  That said I do not have a sure-fire system of knocking out dopers or anything like.  Please be realistic with body weight and trainer calibration.  I will be double checking folks on their watts per kg compared to their Zwift and Zwift Power profiles.


- Zwift bike and wheel selection can be a big deal, especially for hilly courses.  There will be no requirements for what setup you need to ride.  It's a virtual arms race at this point, start storing up those sweat credits.


- For the races, change your profile name to have your category at the end.  For Example "Shaun Radley - A."  This will allow for racers to know who they are up against in terms of categories.


- Upgrades have to be verified by Zwift or Zwift Power.  Meaning, if in the middle of the series your Zwift category jumps to A, then you can be an A in the series.  



The results will be posted HERE. I will be using the Zwift Companion App Race Results feature for overall results.



- Two random schwag packages each week, Big Sky Beer, waterbottles, shirts, and socks.

- Teams encouraged, at the end of the season each particpant will be asked to vote for their favorite team (can't vote for you own).  The winner of that poll will receive the team issue hooded sweatshirts provided by Zillastate.

Race Contact Info
If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at

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