Memphis In May Triathlon Weekend

Sat May 18 - Sun May 19 Millington, TN US 38053 Directions
MIM Olympic Course

MIM Olympic Course Review

Sunday May 19, 2019

MIM Olympic Swim Course 1500 Meters

The swim start and finish is located at the boat ramp on Casper Lake at the end of the parking lot that will become the transition area.  The swimmers will line up in numeric order starting on the west side of the boat ramp and enter the water every three seconds, starting at  7:00 am.  The swimmers will take a slight right turn an swim past the pier to the first turn buoy.  The swimmers will take a right turn and swim across the back side of the lake to the last turn buoy.  The swimmers will take another right turn and swim straight back to the ramp for the swim finish.
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MIM Olympic Bike Course 40K

The bikers will exit the transition area and take a left on Park Rd, you will then take a right toward Center College and take a left on Center College.  Take a right on Mudville and ride east to Miller and take a right on Miller and bike south and take a right on Kerrville Rosemark.  Bike west on Kerrville Rosemark to Armour and take a left and ride south on Armour.  Take a right on Navy Rd. and bike in the left lane to take a quick left on Sledge Rd.  Bike south on Sledge Rd. to Pleasant Ridge and take a right on Pleasant Ridge to Singleton Parkway.  Take a right on Singleton Parkway and bike in the right lane past Hwy. 385 and take a left on Service Rd. before you inter the Navy Base Gate.  The access Rd. will take you west to Raliegh Millington, where you will turn right and bike north on Raliegh Millington and a right on Veterans Parkway.  Bike north on Veterans Parkway to Navy Rd. and take a right on Navy Rd.  Bike in the left lane on Navy Rd. YOU WILL RIDE PAST  BETHUEL RD. To a turn-a-round point on Navy Rd near Marvin Rd., turn a round and ride west back to Bethuel Rd. and turn right and ride north where you will turn right on Center College.  After the sharp turn on Center College you will turn left on Kerrville Rosemark Rd. and then a right turn back to the park and a left back to the transition area. 
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MIM Olympic Run Course 10K

Once you rack your bike or make your relay exchange you will run toward the boat ramp and exit the transtion area and run the length of the transition are up a smal hill to the Park Rd.  Take a left on Park rd. and run north to Mudville Rd, and cross Mudville and run north on Merrill. Take a right on Helena and run east to the turn a round.  Once around the turn a round you will be running west on Helena back to Merrill where you will take a left.  Run south on Merril across Mudvill back on the Park Rd.  Once you get back to the levee you will take a right and run across the levee to the finish line.
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