Carolina Beach Double Sprint

Sat July 13, 2019 Carolina Beach, NC US 28428 Directions


8:00AM EDT - 5:00PM EDT
Carolina Beach Elementary
400 S. 4th St.
Carolina Beach, NC US 28428
Start List by Division


Start List by Division - 7/13/2019 - 3:00pm.  This report will not reflect registrations from Packet Pick up on Friday. 


Packet Pick-Up

Friday, July 12th (4:30 PM - 7:00 PM) @ Fleet Feet Wilmington

1125 Military Cutoff Rd D, Wilmington, NC 28405 Google map

Saturday, July 13th (6:00 AM - 7:00 AM)

Carolina Beach Elementary School - 400 S. 4th St. Carolina Beach NC 28428 Google map


Mandatory Photo ID: All participants will be required to show photo ID at packet pick-up.
You will not be given your race packet without photo ID! All participants must pick up their
own race packet.

USAT Members: USA Triathlon requires that all USAT annual members must show their USAT membership card at packet pick-up. Any USAT annual member who does not present his/her valid membership card at packet pick-up will be required to pay the USAT one-day fee of $15. If you have not yet received your current USAT membership card, be sure to print out a temporary card to show at packet pick-up. We must see a current expiration date or you will have to pay the one-day fee. Please visit to join, renew or print your temporary card.

Race Packet: Your race packet will contain two race numbers, race swag and a swimcap.

As part of Set Up’s GO GREEN initiative, we’ve reduced the amount of printed materials in your packet. Course maps, swim wave times and categories and event details will be posted at packet pick-up. If you wish to have this info with you, please print it out before the race.

You will be issued two numbers at packet pick-up:

The square number is your run number and may be displayed on the front of your body during the run segment of the race only. Safety pins will be available at packet pick-up if you don’t have a race number belt.

The medium-sized number (with an adhesive backing and containing your number twice)is used during the bike segment of the race. Place this number over the top tube of your bike – toward the front if possible.

Things to Remember:

*  A photo ID is required for packet pick-up.
*  Cash, Check or Credit Card are accepted.
*  All participants must pick up their own race packet. (Including all relay team members)
*  USA Triathlon requires that all USAT members must show their USAT membership card at packet pick-up.
*  Any USAT annual member who does not present his/her valid membership card at packet pick-up,
   will be required to pay the USAT one-day fee of $15. No exceptions.

Participant Meeting

A participant orientation meeting will be held at 6:00 PM on Friday, July 12th  at the swim start where Hamlet Ave. meets the beach. We will cover as many details as possible about the race and questions will be encouraged. This meeting should last about 30 minutes - we encourage everyone to attend.




Event #11 in the 2019 AAA Car Care North Carolina Triathlon Series

Event #3 in the Formula 1 Grand Prix series

Distances: S: 375 Meters - R: 1.5 Miles - B: 20K - R: 1.5 Miles - S: 375 Meters

Course Map - Swim

Hamlet Avenue Beach Access

The race starts with a 375-meter swim in the Atlantic. Athletes start on the beach, swim out beyond the first buoy just past the breakers, then parallel to the beach for about 250 meters,and then back in to the beach. The waves are usually very small this time of the year and this early in the morning. The race ends with a 375 meter swim in the same direction as the first swim (with the current).

Water Temps: Water temps will be posted on the website by 9:00p on Friday before the event. USAT wetsuit rules will apply. If the water temperature is 78.1 – 83 degrees, participants may choose to wear a wetsuit, however, they will not be eligible for awards and they will not receive any AAA NCTS points or USAT ranking points and will show up in the results as DQ’d.

This event features a time-trial start. Swimmers will line up inside a narrow pennant line chute in single file. Faster swimmers are encouraged to line up near the front and slower swimmers to place themselves near the back of the line.

A Set Up Events staffer will be the official starter at the front of the line and will direct swimmers when to start. Participant times will begin when that swimmer crosses the timing mats located within 20 yards of the water. Finish times will be recorded when participants cross the timing mats located directly under the inflatable arch at the finish line.

This start procedure provides a safer situation at the beginning of the race for water safety personnel – as participants are spaced out and not in a pack.

OPEN WATER SWIM TIPS: If you need assistance during the swim, roll over on your back and put your hand in the air. If you need to hang on to a watercraft during the swim, please make sure you are not hanging on to one of the motorized safety boats. You may hang on to a non-motorized vessel (kayaks,canoes, or surfboards) without penalty, however if you hang on to the side of one of the motorized watercraft you will be taken out of the water and disqualified.

Course Map - Run

After the first swim, participants enter the beach transition area, grab their running shoes and begin their first run segment. The 1.5 mile run takes them to the BIKE TRANSITION area at Carolina Beach Elementary School. The run is flat with no shade. Following the bike segment, participants will cover this same 1.5 mile run course in the opposite direction - as they make their way back to the beach transition area and prepare for the final swim.

Aid Stations: Aid stations will be located outside both transition areas for athletes use at the start and finish of each run segment as well as at the halfway point of the run.

PLEASE make sure you deposit ALL trash in the trash containers that will be located at each aid station. We ask for your cooperation with this. Any and all trash must be picked up after the race by our volunteers. Help these folks out – they will have been out there longer than you.

Shade is limited on this course so take precautions for race-day weather conditions.

HEADPHONES: Headphones, headsets, walkmans, ipods, mp3 players, or personal audio devices, etc. are not to be carried or worn at any time during the race.

RACE NUMBERS: Due to the unique format of this event, athletes are not required to wear their bib number during any portion of the race. This is optional for this race only.

Course Map - Bike

The bike is a flat two-lap out & back course that is closed to traffic. Cyclists will leave the school via Atlanta Avenue to Dow Road. Athletes will do two loops on Dow before heading back to the school via Clarendon Avenue.

Please Note: There are three "hairpin" type turns that participants will encounter. The two turns at the far end of the bike course are close to the Kure Beach city limits - and aren't terribly tight -although speed will need to be decreased while making these turns. The turn-around at the end of lap one is very tight. Please reduce your speed at this spot. Please visit our event website for printable course maps.

BIKE TRANSITION: Mount your bike at the designated mount/dismount line just outside the transition area. You will also have to dismount at this location.

DRAFTING: No drafting! Draft Marshals will be on the course and drafting rules will be enforced! Stay to the right to allow faster cyclists to pass on the left.

HELMETS REQUIRED: Hard shell helmets must be worn and fastened before leaving the transition area. This includes pre– and post-race travel to the race site.

EQUIPMENT: No headphones, earphones or any radio-type devices will be allowed.

COURSE INFO: There are plenty of volunteers and police officers for the race, turns will be clearly marked and mile markers are indicated on the course. Remember: it is ultimately your responsibility to know the course. Roads will be closed to vehicular traffic, but, be careful and alert at all times.

BIKE SUPPORT: Two Wheeler Dealer will provide bike tech support and will be near the BIKE TRANSITION area.

Transition Areas

Because of the unique format of the double sprint, there are TWO transition areas. The first transition (for the SWIM-to-RUN transition) is on the beach at Hamlet Ave near the public access ramp. The second transition area (for the RUN-to-BIKE-to-RUN transition) is located at Carolina Beach Elementary School.

The BEACH TRANSITION is located on the beach near the access of the strand. Each athlete is assigned a spot marked by a flag. You may place transition bags, buckets or boxes in the spot marked with your race number. There will be a baby pool of water to rinse sandy feet as you exit the beach.

The BIKE TRANSITION is located in the playground at Carolina Beach Elementary School. There will be two points of entry: one for the run and one for the bike.

These entrances and exits will be clearly identified through the use of large inflatable archways.

All participants will have their own numbered bike slot. Find your numbered bike rack and then find your specific space on that rack. You’ll notice that half the numbers on the bike rack face one direction and the other half face the other direction. Place your bike on the rack centered on your number and facing the same direction as your number. Wheel is down on the same side as your number. This will allow for more space between bikes for placing your gear. Each rack accommodates six bikes - three bikes on one side and three bikes on the other side.

Do not make a complete change of clothing in the transition area or other event area. There will be port-a-johns located near the transition area as well as the finish/start area. Please use these units if you plan to change clothing.


After the race, you will be required to show your race number (body marking or run number) to check your bike out of transition.

Timing Info

Champion Chip Timing: This race will be timed using the Champion Chip Timing method.

Chip Pick-Up is race day 6:00 am —7:30 am at the race site at Carolina Beach Elementary School. You will be required to show your run number to the folks handing out timing chips in order to get your timing chip.

NOTE: All timing chips must be picked up by 7:30 AM. If you lose your timing chip, you will be charged a $30 replacement fee.

Make sure you receive the correct timing chip. Your chip number will match run number. You will wear this chip on your left ankle. Attach the chip to the disposable medical ankle strap given to you at chip pick-up and attach the strap to your left ankle.

Chip Fit Tips: We usually recommend 1-2 fingers width between the band and your ankle.Too Loose: It could fall off and you’ll be charged a replacement fee for the lost chip. Too Tight: It will become uncomfortable as your ankle will swell a little during the race. When you get it adjusted just right, make sure that the band snaps shut. You will hear the band snap into its closed position when it is secured properly.

Volunteers will remove your strap and collect your timing chip as soon as you cross the finish line. If you do not finish the race please return your chip to the finish line volunteers or a Set Up Events staff member. Do not hand your chip to any volunteer other than those at finish line. If the chip does not get returned to the finish line, it will be considered lost and we will have to charge you the $30 chip replacement fee.

What happens if I lose the timing chip? If this happens you will be charged a $30 replacement fee. We will send you an invoice within a week of the race. You will be required to pay that invoice before you race in any other Set Up Events races. Lost chips are a rarity. In 2015, we had less than ten lost chips for the entire
year. If you attach the chip and chip strap to your ankle correctly, you should not lose the chip.


Free parking locations:

1) Carolina Beach Elementary School - location for packet pick-up, timing chip pick-up, and the bike transition area.
2) On the north side of Carolina Lake - halfway between the school and the beach

Paid parking lots are located near the start/finish and the Marriott Courtyard




Post Race

Post-Race refreshments will be located under the lakefront pavilion.

We’ll provide, soft drink,, sweet and salty snacks, water, bananas & oranges. Food and drinks are free to all athletes and volunteers.

Results: Results will be posted continuously during the day at the Results Tent on a large screen TV.

Complete results including splits will be posted on the event website later in the day.

Awards: The awards ceremony for individual athletes is scheduled for 10:30 AM. If you cannot attend the awards ceremony, please have someone pick up your award. We will not mail awards.

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