ROC SUMMER 19 WalkCrew Beginner 5K, WalkCrew Intermediate & WalkCrew Half Marathon

Sat June 29 - Sat September 21, 2019 Rochester, NY US 14620 Directions

WalkCrew 5K

07/10 - 09/21 6:00PM EDT - 7:00PM EDT

WalkCrew Intermediate

07/10 - 09/21 6:00PM EDT - 7:00PM EDT

WalkCrew Half Marathon

06/29 - 09/21 6:00PM EDT - 7:00PM EDT

WalkCrew 5K or Intermediate 18 and under

07/10 - 09/21 6:00PM EDT - 7:00PM EDT
155 Culver Road
Suite 110
Rochester, NY US 14620

At Fleet Feet, we are passionate about helping you get fit, and walking is an excellent low impact activity to do that! As the name implies, WalkCrew is strictly walking. To better accommodate all fitness levels, the program is divided into 3 parts:

Program start date: Wednesday, June 26th WalkCrew Half Marathon; Wednesday, July 10th WalkCrew 5K & Intermediate. Armory 6pm. 

WalkCrew Beginner – WalkCrew Beginner is perfect for those who have no desire to run, but still want to be active and healthy. A supportive and trained coach will help participants adopt a regular walking routine and assist them in meeting new fitness partners along the way. Participants will be encouraged and prepared to walk a 5K at the end of the training program.

WalkCrew Intermediate – WalkCrew Intermediate is aimed at taking your walking experience to the next level by preparing you to walk further and faster. Through our experienced walking coaches, organized group walks and proven curriculum, this program lays out the ground work needed to walk even further and more efficiently.
WalkCrew Intermediate is perfect for those who have recently walked a 5K (3.1 miles) or just completed the WalkCrew beginner training. During this training program, we will prepare you to walk up to 8 miles.

WalkCrew Half Marathon - Beginner Half training perfect for beginners that have never walked a Half Marathon and are on the lower end of the required base mileage. Required base mileage 10 – 12 miles per week. All participants must be able to maintain a 20 minute per mile or faster to enter this program. 

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