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Location: Washington, DC US 20004 Directions
Type: Run or Run/Walk

How do I register to run the race?

Click the blue "Sign Up" button above.  Then, enter your information.  If you have a RunSignUp account already, you can sign in at this point.  If not, you will need to create an account during the registration process.  At the bottom of the page, be sure to select your distance - 5K or 1 mile.  Click "continue."  Read and initial the waiver. Click "continue." Answer the questions on the next page, T-shirt size, etc.  Click "continue."  You will then be given an option to join a team fundraiser.  (See further FAQ for more details.)  You can create your own team here, select an existing team from the dropdown menu, or choose not to join a team.  You will also have the option to make a donation at this point.  If you have created or joined a team fundraiser, your donation will automatically be credited to that team.

Can I register more than one person?

Yes.  After entering your registration info, you will see a blue box at the bottom labeled "Add Another Registrant" - click on that.  Please be aware that you will be signing the waiver, and thus taking on the liability, for each person registered under your name.

What does "become a fundraiser" mean?

"Become a fundraiser" is the way to join a team for the Race to End Women's Cancer.  When you register for the race, a fundraiser is automatically created under your name.  You can then link this fundraiser to an existing team fundraiser in order to become a member of the team.  You can also become a fundraiser without registering for the race - see the FAQ below.  

Is fundraising required for this event?

NO!  You can register for the race without giving a donation or doing any fundraising at all, if you don't want to do so.

What is the difference between a "fundraiser" and a "team fundraiser"?

A "fundraiser" is an individual (e.g. Joe Smith).  A "team fundraiser" is a group of individual fundraisers who join together to form a team (e.g. Camille's Crusaders or Caring For Your Girly Bits).  Each team fundraiser can have an unlimited number of individual fundraisers on it.  Anyone who registers for the race automatically becomes a fundraiser for the event, or you can become a fundraiser without registering, by clicking "Become a Fundraiser" in the purple side menu.

How do I join a team fundraiser?

You will be asked if you would like to join (or create your own) team fundraiser as a part of the race registration process.  You can select the name of the team you would like to join from a dropdown menu.  If you would like to join a team but do NOT want to register for the race itself, please see the next FAQ!

What if I don't want to run or walk but I want to create or join a team fundraiser?

Easy!  Just click on the "Become a Fundraiser" option in the purple side menu on this page.  You must become a fundraiser first in order to join a team fundraiser.  Your fundraiser name can be your own name or something more creative, if you wish.  Once you have filled out the info to create your fundraiser, the next section of the page will allow you to join this fundraiser to an existing fundraising team (choose the team from the dropdown) OR create a team yourself so that your friends can join (check off "New Team Fundraiser" at the bottom).  NOTE:  Please only use this option for creating a fundraiser if you DO NOT plan to register to run in the race!

Can I create a fundraiser when I sign up to run?

Yes, absolutely!  Every person who registers to run in the race automatically becomes a fundraiser.  During the registration process, you will be asked if you would like to join your fundraiser to a particular team or create your own team. Even though every registrant becomes a fundraiser, fundraising itself is OPTIONAL - you are not required to donate or to raise money for the event in any way.

How do I make a donation to a specific team/individual?

If you are registering for the race, you will be asked at the end of the registration process if you would like to make a donation.  Your donation will automatically go to the team fundraiser you have joined.  If you are not on a team, the donation will show up as a general donation to the Foundation and will not be associated with a particular team.

If you would like to give a donation without registering for the race, click on the "Donate" button on the top of the page or in the purple side menu.  You will then be given a choice to donate to a particular person (Fundraiser) or team (Team Fundraiser) - just click 'select' under your choice.  If you wish to make a general donation, just do not select a fundraiser.

How do I make a general donation to the Foundation?

If you would like to make a donation but do not want it to be associated with a particular team fundraiser, just click "Donate" and scroll down to the bottom of the page without selecting a particular fundraiser.  Fill in your amount and then click "continue."

How do I see who else is on my team fundraiser?

Click "Top Fundraisers" in the purple side menu.  Then click to highlight "Team Fundraisers" in the heading under Top Fundraisers.  The team pages will appear, and you can then click "view" to see a list of team members.