Live Race Guidelines/Expectations: 

Orchard Dash is a perfect event to take place while maintaining safe steps during COVID-19. Please read below completely so you understand our plan, and can make the choice to race in person or virtually at your own place & pace. 

Please adhere to ALL CDC/WHO, and Local Guidelines from Health Departments, Governors Office, Mayors Office. 

Very Limited Event: 

We will only allow 500 total registrants for the live in person race. This assures plenty of space for participants to spread out throughout the orchard allowing a safe and fun race. 


  • We will have 5 corrals of 100 people. You are able to self select your corral during the registration process. 
  • We will have a start corral (for those taking off), an "on deck" corral area for those in the next corral group to go, and then an "in the hole" corral area for the 3rd to go. This will allow us to have 300 participants spaced out and either taking off to run/walk, or preparing to start. All participants will be on the course within 25 minutes. 
  • The primary start corral will have 4 lanes creating lines of 4 participants 6 ft apart. Roughly every 5 seconds another 4 runners will be sent off. Socially distancing will be maintained throughout the start. 
  • Masks must be worn up until the start of the race. 
  • We will have a separate start/finish line for this years race allowing athletes to finish prior to the start of the event. 


While Racing:

Maintain Social Distancing-we can race together...apart! 
Pass with Care-make sure you have plenty of space to pass and stay spread. The trails have tight spaces in some spots, but plenty of room overall. Holler "on your left" when a ways back, and then work together to pass/be passed. 
Avoid touching...we always say "rubbing is racing" at RMP, but with the current situation-let's leave out the rubbing, and even chatting if too close :) 
Stay safe, work together, and have fun pushing your limits racing the course! 


The finish line will be separate from the start this year, and clear/open for folks to run through without a crowd. You will have your finisher medal already from your packet. We will provide you water, and then the orchard will have packaged Carmel apples and slushy/cider available at the food stand. Please allow the staff/volunteers to give you the food as they will be masked/gloved up. We will have our backdrops up for a quick photo, but we do ask you to plan to quickly move on post race. The orchard is huge so spread out, and enjoy the facility. This is to keep crowds to a minimum assuring the healthiest atmosphere possible for participants, volunteers, spectators, and staff. Results will be posted online immediately after you finish at Run Sign Up, and photos will be up on Facebook within 24hrs. 


Post Race Celebrations: 

We will not be able to offer any post race celebrations..  This race is all about family-farm-fun. We WILL have very nice custom finisher certificates that you can download from your results screen that will showcase your finish place overall, age group place, time, etc. Bring the speed, perform your best, and have fun while staying safe! 


The Orchard is huge, so if spectators are coming please encourage them to spread out, and enjoy the scenery. If you can estimate your finish time they can certainly watch you run, and then pop out to cheer you into the finish. We strongly encourage spectators to wear masks if they are near others or not able to socially distance. 

Thank You: 

We know this is VERY different from our normal events were we thrive at brining lots of folks together to race, compete, and celebrate. Please know these changes are for the health and well-being of us all, and is a way we can assure a safe and fun event. We are beyond excited to watch, cheer, and support you all in chasing your goals at Orchard Dash! Thanks for considering racing, and supporting the event industry during these times. 

Virtual Race Guidelines/Expectations:

We ask that all registrants certify that they will comply with the current CDC Guidelines and other directives from the Governor of their respective state in participating and completing their half marathon.  Our strong advice is to "RUN ALONE" or with your immediate family members. We all need to do our part to "stop the spread". Please be safe and do your part.

Here are some ways to be safe and still get your workout, training or virtual race completed:

  • RUN ALONE!  We'll have plenty of opportunities to run in groups when this is all over.  If you do run with a partner maintain 6 feet or more distance at all times.
  • Use common sense about where and when you run.  Going to run 8 miles in a busy park on a nice Saturday morning probably isn't your best choice. You may need to change up when you run and where you run.
  • Vary your routes.  This is a great opportunity to switch things up, just be sure that you are running in a safe area with wide paths, roadway or trails.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.  We are all vying for some of the same space when we are out exercising.  Be courteous of others and provide plenty of room when you pass. Crossing the street when possible is a great strategy.
  • Consider more workouts from home.  Lots of great things are happening with technology, online classes, and exercise instruction.

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