Race to Robie Creek®

Sat April 18, 2020 Boise, ID US 83702 Directions
2019 Race Story


A lowly toad sits in a puddle beside a winding road to a summit called Aldape.  A passing car slips to the side and crushes the bathing toad.  Instead of instant tragedy, the toad is transformed into a gleaming caped figure.

A wizard appears and speaks “You will be endowed with super powers to honor this road. Keep this road pristine and never let it be paved. Protect those who pass this way.  Minimize injury on the day of Many Feet. Lastly, give these adventurers, on that day, a moment of clarity. Let them feel truly invincible with the strength of their own super power.”

“Arise, Wonder Toad, Protector of Robie Creek. I have invited all of your fellow super heroes to the Festival held to celebrate the passage to a new spring.”

Participants are encouraged to wear super hero costumes and use their super powers at the race. Capes are good.