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Terms and Conditions
1. Once distributed, trackers are the responsibility of the renter.
2. Adventure Enablers offers no insurance for the trackers; if loss or damage of a tracker is a concern, the renter needs to seek insurance themselves.
3. Current price for a replacement tracker is $100. This includes the hardware and the admin required.
4. Tracker must be positioned and carried so the tracker has a clear view of the sky.
5. Trackers will be provided to renters waterproofed. Care must be taken to ensure waterproofing remains intact. Any water damage will be the responsibility of the renter.
6. Adventure Enablers relies on the service of mobile operators and cannot be held responsible for the provision of data coverage in a particular area or failure of these services.
7. Viewing the tracking website and use of the Adventure Enablers online management area requires an internet connection via Wi-Fi or broadband. Adventure Enablers cannot be held responsible for the provision of data coverage in a particular area or failure of these services at any time.
8. Adventure Enablers make the best effort to ensure 99.9% uptime of our web services; however, these are provided by a third party and we cannot be held responsible for the failure of these services. It is in our interest to ensure service is provided as quickly as possible.
9. The trackers we provide have an SOS button that requires a mobile signal. We don't recommend that this feature is solely relied upon by event organizers but rather supplements existing procedures. We will not be held responsible for the operational failure of this feature on the tracker.
10. Timing - Adventure Enablers provides a timing service that uses the GPS data sent to our servers. This is reliant on third-party services (GPS satellites / mobile coverage/web servers) and is reliant on the correct placement of the tracker. We will not be held responsible for errors in this data.
11. Adventure Enablers will only field inquiries on tracker position data from event officials or from the emergency services.
12. You agree to have your location tracked during the duration of the official event. This means that your location will be available to the general public and your exact location can be identified by anyone visiting the official tracking website.
13. The use of tracking devices and the Adventure Enablers portal shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Adventure Enablers from and against any claim, demand, cause of action, loss, or liability (including legal fees and expenses) for any property damage or personal injury arising from the use of equipment or service by any cause.

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