Sat September 5 - Sun September 6 Sylvania, OH 43560 US Directions


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Race Placement Bib Number Team Name                           Total Laps Lap Distance 
============== ========== =================================== ========== ============ 
1              110        Dave's Racing Team    19         20.72938     
                          Julian Avery                                                
                          Timothy Carney                                              
                          Anton Darby                                                 
                          Kevin Egan                                                  
                          Todd Germana                                                
                          Daniel Lumbrezer                                            
                          Linda McKown                                                
                          Kevin McKown                                                
                          Emily Niedzwiecki                                           
                          Janelle Noe                                                 
2              160        Asymptomatic Harriers 18         19.63836     
                          Bill Burns                                                  
                          Mackenzie Chojnacky                                         
                          Cam McNamee                                                 
                          Steve McNamee                                               
                          Clay Rice                                                   
                          Patrick Riley                                               
                          Alexandra McMaster                                          
                          Brooke Tullis                                               
                          Michael Wilson                                              
                          Sophia Afridi                                               
3              120        Run Hip               17         18.54734     
                          Jacob Baron                                                 
                          Larry Dorow                                                 
                          Matthew Meiser                                              
                          Hannah Nielsen                                              
                          Rachel Palmer                                               
                          Matthew Palmer                                              
                          William Pierce                                              
                          Mark Scoles                                                 
                          Joshua Skampo                                               
                          Deric Tedora                                                
4              170        Run Wild              15         16.3653      
                          Jim Dankle                                                  
                          Samantha Demarsh                                            
                          Kenya Gray                                                  
                          Katy Kvassay                                                
                          Edwin Mghanga                                               
                          Paul Pleiss                                                 
                          Mark Purcell                                                
                          Ariel Trailhead                                             
                          Elizabeth Williams                                          
                          Brian Williams                                              
5              130        Mind Over Miles       13         14.18326     
                          Melissa Clarkson                                            
                          Mary Dodds                                                  
                          William Hylan                                               
                          Charissa Marconi                                            
                          Robert Sheahan                                              
                          John Stacy                                                  
                          Mike Vershum                                                
                          Vanessa Vershum                                             
                          Todd Walsh                                                  
6              150        Rta One               9          9.81918      
                          Jodi Harding                                                
                          Amy Hempel                                                  
                          Terri McPherson                                             
                          Laura Russell                                               
7              140        Trailblazing Eagles   7          7.63714      
                          Ean Bett                                                    
                          Valerie Lloyd                                               
                          Bernard Lloyd                                               
                          Matt MacKowiak                                              
                          Emily Strong                                                

Additional results can be found at https://davesrunning.com/races/results.html.

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