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The RunAround Tucson Relay

Tucson, AZ 85718
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Race Placement Team Name                                     Bib Number Chip Time  Relay Team Name                 
============== ============================================= ========== ========== =============================== 
1              Buns on the Run                 104        7:23:16.9  Buns on the Run                 
               Kristina Bonet                                                                                      
               Karen Rohret                                                                                        
               Aimee Kaempf                                                                                        
               Janaki Caputo                                                                                       
               Lynne Barkhurst                                                                                     
               Cathy Pearce                                                                                        
               Ashley Munro                                                                                        
               Carolyn Lane                                                                                        
2              Just the two of us              108        8:07:41.1  Just the two of us              
               Martha Castillon                                                                                    
               Sarah Zentack                                                                                       
3              Sisters with Blisters           114        8:31:54.2  Sisters with Blisters           
               Tamaki Layman                                                                                       
               Elizabeth Ayarbe-Perez                                                                              
4              Running Wild                    113        8:32:07.2  Running Wild                    
               Denise Gizinski                                                                                     
               Jamie Worden                                                                                        
               Erica McDermott                                                                                     
               Justine Kanuho                                                                                      
               Julesha Jones                                                                                       
               Leeann Sample                                                                                       
               Lynn Hamilton                                                                                       
5              Cirque de Sore Legs             105        8:32:47.2  Cirque de Sore Legs             
               Holly Merker                                                                                        
               Jana Akins                                                                                          
               Faye Carroll                                                                                        
               Melissa Valenzuela                                                                                  
               Nicole Beals                                                                                        
               Jacci Amaral                                                                                        
               Jessica White                                                                                       
               Erin Geyer                                                                                          
6              Moms Run This Town 1            109        8:47:32.9  Moms Run This Town 1            
               Angie Striegel                                                                                      
               Margaret Hazen                                                                                      
               Stephanie House                                                                                     
               Becky Lococo                                                                                        
               Melanie Johnston                                                                                    
               Karen Volpendesta                                                                                   
               Barbara Allred                                                                                      
               Danielle Fazio                                                                                      
7              I-B-Pro-Fun                     107        8:48:50.9  I-B-Pro-Fun                     
               Andrea Evenson                                                                                      
               Nichole Kuhns                                                                                       
               Jeneane Catlin                                                                                      
               Kimberli Haas                                                                                       
               Debra Haber                                                                                         
               Sherri Tometczak                                                                                    
               Kelly Farrell                                                                                       
8              Runaway Moms                    112        9:01:08.3  Runaway Moms                    
               Rebecca Johnston                                                                                    
               Alana Anderson                                                                                      
               Heather Gooch                                                                                       
               Sarah Trimble                                                                                       
               Stacey Trepanier                                                                                    
               Kendall Loomis                                                                                      
               Christy Sorbe                                                                                       
               Chelsey Salcido                                                                                     
9              Tortoise and the Hares          118        9:03:10.1  Tortoise and the Hares          
               Lisa Brady                                                                                          
               Holly Justice                                                                                       
               Erika Hurt                                                                                          
               Tawnya Freeman                                                                                      
10             646 Sole Sisters                101        9:04:49.1  646 Sole Sisters                
               Kendra George                                                                                       
               Nicole Carey                                                                                        
               Shanna Hoskinson                                                                                    
               Crystal Kalahar                                                                                     
               Camille Galang                                                                                      
               Courtney Heath                                                                                      
               Shanae Casper                                                                                       
               Ashley Groose                                                                                       
11             Your Mom Squad                  209        9:04:50.3  Your Mom Squad                  
               Karen Boerup                                                                                        
               Sabrina Vincent                                                                                     
               Leslie Garnsey                                                                                      
               Amy Rustand                                                                                         
               Katie Hoefferle                                                                                     
               Christine Feldman                                                                                   
               Megan Rustand                                                                                       
               Savannah Knight                                                                                     
12             Fireball Runners                106        9:09:14.0  Fireball Runners                
               Kirstin Berson                                                                                      
               Mary Garcia                                                                                         
               Tracey Rowley                                                                                       
               Kelsey Culver                                                                                       
               Valerie Keahon                                                                                      
               Mari Ricker                                                                                         
               Tatiana Urias                                                                                       
               Marisa Cox                                                                                          
13             Mother Runners                  110        9:16:56.5  Mother Runners                  
               Christina Hunt                                                                                      
               Jennifer Abraham                                                                                    
               Stacia Ramiller                                                                                     
               Jane Fleming                                                                                        
               Elissa Evans                                                                                        
               Christine Cornejo-Lopez                                                                             
               Venisa Worley                                                                                       
               Veronica Quigley                                                                                    
14             TTG Tri to Beat Us              119        9:25:50.3  TTG Tri to Beat Us              
               Kristy Estrada                                                                                      
               Samantha Bettenhausen                                                                               
               Jaime Kafader                                                                                       
               Brooke Streicher                                                                                    
               Alissa Rothpletz                                                                                    
               Kara Redlin-Vatthauer                                                                               
               Amy Dillon                                                                                          
               Brittany Hempel                                                                                     
15             Amigas Running Group            102        9:30:28.4  Amigas Running Group            
               Amanda Carter                                                                                       
               Moanikeala Kanae                                                                                    
               Claire Wells                                                                                        
               Whitney Elton                                                                                       
               Jami Tullius                                                                                        
               Aimee Redding                                                                                       
               Nancy Reyes                                                                                         
               Desiree Rojas                                                                                       
16             Suck It Up Buttercup            116        9:37:07.2  Suck It Up Buttercup            
               Jennie Sparrow                                                                                      
               Marti Ackermann                                                                                     
               Mya Hoeflinger                                                                                      
               Carrie Harris                                                                                       
               Vanessa Nez                                                                                         
               Cathy Harris-Herchenroeder                                                                          
               Arlis McLean                                                                                        
               Melissa Armendariz                                                                                  
17             Sweaty Betty's                  117        9:37:32.2  Sweaty Betty's                  
               Jessika Wade                                                                                        
               Danielle Debake                                                                                     
               Leslie Babers                                                                                       
               Serena Samaniego                                                                                    
               Ericka Threlkeld                                                                                    
               Jocelyn Ciardulli                                                                                   
               Kelly Williams                                                                                      
18             Radical Tapping Ragamuffin Rats 111        9:39:28.0  Radical Tapping Ragamuffin Rats 
               Eileen Eitrheim                                                                                     
               Jasmine Chan                                                                                        
               Laura Silva                                                                                         
               Christi Nonn                                                                                        
               Donna McMordie                                                                                      
               Penny Fischer                                                                                       
               Destiny Whirlwind-Soldier                                                                           
               Penny Simpson                                                                                       
19             Wonder Women                    122        9:43:50.0  Wonder Women                    
               Jennifer Constenius                                                                                 
               Sandy White                                                                                         
               Teresa Gregory                                                                                      
               Michele O'Brien                                                                                     
               Kaye Rowan                                                                                          
               Katie Bindschadler                                                                                  
               Susie Vincent                                                                                       
20             Blister Sisters                 103        10:06:54.7 Blister Sisters                 
               Michelle Strack                                                                                     
               Christina Chesnut                                                                                   
               Amber Fisk                                                                                          
               Angie Morales                                                                                       
               Mandy Martell                                                                                       
               Monica Oxford                                                                                       
               Adriana Fisk                                                                                        
21             We Thought This Was A Pub Crawl 120        10:10:04.7 We Thought This Was A Pub Crawl 
               Aimee Trueblood                                                                                     
               Ann Argenziano                                                                                      
               Robin Benge                                                                                         
               Paula Christian                                                                                     
               Renee Carlson                                                                                       
               Heather Lappin                                                                                      
               Leslie Rupp                                                                                         
               Brandy Grubaugh                                                                                     
22             Sole Sisters Sierra Vista       115        11:09:25.9 Sole Sisters Sierra Vista       
               Lisa Graeme                                                                                         
               Christen McCracken                                                                                  
               Mary Silverwind                                                                                     
               Annette Koweek                                                                                      
               Christie Jensen                                                                                     
               Kathryn Honda                                                                                       
               Sarah Baxter                                                                                        

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