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The RunAround Tucson Relay

Tucson, AZ 85718
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Race Placement Team Name                            Bib Number Chip Time Relay Team Name        
============== ==================================== ========== ========= ====================== 
1              LTTC                   126        5:20:27.7 LTTC                   
               Kurt Michels                                                                     
               Lucas Tyler                                                                      
               John Chamberlain                                                                 
               Jeffrey Gautreau                                                                 
               Dan Reavis                                                                       
               Adam Dalton                                                                      
               Anthony Francisco                                                                
               Ben Hoffman                                                                      
2              Hedgehogs              197        5:42:11.0 Hedgehogs              
               Jason Kyle                                                                       
               Richard Simpson                                                                  
               Kareem Shehab                                                                    
               Peter Ziegler                                                                    
3              Team Name Here         127        6:43:45.5 Team Name Here         
               Michael Gaines                                                                   
               Alexander Fonseca                                                                
               Clayton Teague                                                                   
               Thomas Franco                                                                    
               Steven Carson                                                                    
               Michael Emmons                                                                   
               Chance Swaggerty                                                                 
               Ryan Coleman                                                                     
4              Brotherhood of Brew    124        6:47:50.8 Brotherhood of Brew    
               Justin Ripley                                                                    
               John Ripley                                                                      
               Lars Ripley                                                                      
               Jeff Ripley                                                                      
               Robert Ripley                                                                    
5              Tucson Baptist Church  128        7:15:12.2 Tucson Baptist Church  
               Daniel Taylor                                                                    
               Brent Armstrong                                                                  
               Joseph Jones                                                                     
               Jason Lopez                                                                      
               Jonathan Minge                                                                   
               Jonathan Armstrong                                                               
               Joshua Berlin                                                                    
               Matt Lozano                                                                      
6              Exceptional Mediocrity 125        7:24:30.7 Exceptional Mediocrity 
               Richard Radinsky                                                                 
               Shane Barrett                                                                    
               Sean Cleary                                                                      
               Vince Valenzuela                                                                 
7              4 Guys & a Vegan       123        8:18:53.8 4 Guys & a Vegan       
               Jerry Kibby                                                                      
               Zachary Kibby                                                                    
               Noah Kibby                                                                       
               Jesse Ingraham                                                                   
               Jacob Weyand                                                                     

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