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Place Name                    Gender City             State Country Clock   Age 
===== ======================= ====== ================ ===== ======= ======= === 
      Rick Blair              M      Youngstown       OH    US      0:20:26     
      Ed Brainard             M      Campbell         OH    US      0:21:30 43  
      David Johnson           M      Durham           NC    US      0:23:39     
      Dennis Schildhauer      M      Cheyenne         WY    US      0:24:15     
      Geniene Hankey          F      Youngstown       OH    US      0:24:30     
      Rick Fawcett            M      Youngstown       OH    US      0:25:07     
      Greg Gamble             M      Girard           OH    US      0:25:21     
      Joe Bishara             M      Boardman         OH    US      0:25:53     
      Jean Carpenter-Williams F      Broken Arrow     OK    US      0:26:39     
      Ray Merrill             M      Randolph         VT    US      0:27:24     
      Bob Johnson             M      Durham           NC    US      0:27:47     
      Karen Paskiewicz        F      Knoxville        TN    US      0:27:48     
      Carrie Massau-Ables     F      Hobart           IN    US      0:28:05     
      Melissa Baker           F      Lewis Center     OH    US      0:28:51     
      Alyssa Titi             F      Canfield         OH    US      0:28:53     
      Patrick Kelly           M      Canfield         OH    US      0:29:38     
      Sarah Myers             F      Youngstown       OH    US      0:29:48     
      Tim Elder               M      Canfield         OH    US      0:30:49     
      Katrina Anderson        F      Coraopolis       PA    US      0:30:59     
      Kim Krueger             F      West Middlesex   PA    US      0:31:43     
      Nicole McGaffic         F      Canfield         OH    US      0:31:55     
      Molly Leising           F      Ravenna          OH    US      0:32:00     
      Susan Maruca            F      Youngstown       OH    US      0:33:01     
      Laura Schawe            F      Hutchinson       KS    US      0:33:13     
      Randy Schawe            M      Hutchinson       KS    US      0:33:13     
      Gregory Huang           M      Canfield         OH    US      0:34:00     
      Debbie Grassi           F      Johnson City     NY    US      0:34:00     
      Darla Wilson            F      Youngstown       OH    US      0:34:39     
      Natalie Lariccia        F      Canfield         OH    US      0:35:00     
      Jackie Soo              F      Bothwell         WA    US      0:35:50     
      Natalie Eicher          F                       OH    US      0:35:53     
      Devin Eicher            M                       OH    US      0:35:53     
      Terri Skene             F                       OH    US      0:36:42     
      Rosemary Stempak        F      Newton Falls     OH    US      0:37:13     
      JoAnn Nickleach         F      Ford City        PA    US      0:37:14     
      Laura Chelgren          F                       OH    US      0:37:22     
      Natalie Reese           F      Lewis Center     OH    US      0:39:45     
      Robert Smith            M      Idaho Falls      ID    US      0:40:02     
      Alison Begala           F      Youngstown       OH    US      0:40:11     
      Rachel Fuhry            F      Vienna           OH    US      0:40:17     
      Karen Hearn             F      Lafayette        IN    US      0:41:23     
      Michelle Courtney       F      North Jackson    OH    US      0:42:18     
      Elena Courtney          F      North Jackson    OH    US      0:42:18     
      Sr. Martha Reed         F                       OH    US      0:45:00     
      Steve Charles           M      Hubbard          OH    US      0:45:42     
      David Kostolansky       M      Warren           OH    US      0:48:30     
      Bob Campbell            M      Westerville      OH    US      0:51:09     
      Lauren Campbell         F      Westerville      OH    US      0:51:09     
      Charlotte Campbell      F      Westerville      OH    US      0:51:09     
      Abra Campbell           F      Westerville      OH    US      0:51:09     
      Cathy Tinucci           F      Colorado Springs CO    US      0:51:19     
      Mark Stempak            M      Newton Falls     OH    US      0:51:39     
      Brenda McDougal         F      North Jackson    OH    US      0:53:15     
      Amy Banks               F      Youngstown       OH    US      0:55:27     
      Jill Young              F      Marion           NC    US      0:56:36     
      Wanda Souders           F      McConnellsburg   PA    US      0:58:45     
      Debra Welsh             F      McConnellsburg   PA    US      0:59:56     
      Sue Swick               F      Canfield         OH    US      1:01:00     
      Mark Medina             M      Secaucus         NJ    US      1:22:01     

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