Welcome to Runner's High Club! 2019-20 Training Programs

Sat August 10 - Sun January 19, 2020 Houston, TX US 77007 Directions
Lynn - 3:45 Marathon assistant coach

I'm happy to begin my 1st year as a 3:45 assistant coach to Thuyvi Norris in RHC! I've been a RHC member since 2016 and love this group. I got into running over 15 years ago as a way of meeting new people in a new city, after spending most of my school years avoiding running at all costs. Through joining up with various running groups I did in fact make many best friends, but also found a sport and lifestyle I love. Thinking I would never venture into a race longer than a 10K, seeing those friends complete half and full marathons made me think I could, too! I have since run many half marathons and a handful of full marathons, including my first one as Houston Marathon in 2015. My exciting accomplishment to date was running a Boston Marathon qualifying time in 2018, and crossing that iconic finish line in 2019. Though my running journey has been one with numerous injury ups and downs, I keep my spirits high by cheering on from the sidelines or setting new challenges to keep running strong. I am also an avid cyclist and believe in the magic of cross-training. My current challenge is to complete a cycling or running event in all 50 states by age 50!