Step Into Autism 54-Day Challenge

Sat April 24 - Thu June 17, 2021 Akron, OH 44311 US
Registration 101



If you registered for the walk last year, you already have an account with RunSignUp. Make sure to click “Sign In” and log into your account before registering for the walk. This will save you time when registering, as RunSignUp remembers the information for other team members you registered for last year, as well as your fundraising team.

Go to the profile circle shown below to sign in or create a new account. 

Get Registered! 

On the main Challenge page, you will see a “Sign Up” button at the top of the page... click on this button to begin the registration process. See above. 

When signing up for a race while logged on to RunSignUp, you will be prompted to the select registrant menu where you can quickly fill registration for accounts already linked on your RunSignUp account.

If the registrant is not available on the select registrant menu, then click on "New Registrant". This allows you to fill out the registrant information shown on the next step.

Registrant Information

If you do not have an account on RunSignUp, then simply fill out the required fields, and an account will be created when you register.


After your information is imputed, scroll down and you will see the 2 Challenge choices!

Run/Walk/ Cycle is for those who plan to do either or all of those different activities during the 54-Day Challenge and you will log your miles. This can be outside or inside on equipment. Only walking PURPOSEFULLY done for the Challenge should be logged. General walking during everyday tasks and work that may log on your step counter should not be logged, please. Please use a separate step tracker like Map My Walk or Run, on your phone or use a standalone pedometer.

The “Let's Move!” option is for anyone who would like to log a different Challenge activity than above and you will log the time of your activity instead! This could be your daily workout, yoga, swimming, doing jumping jacks, having a home dance party, etc. Whatever gets you moving! 

Add/Delete Additional Registrants

You can click “add another registrant” if you are registering multiple people on a single transaction, and you can repeat the process for each new registrant.

IMPORTANT: When signing up on behalf of others during the registration process, all other users registered at that time will be made “secondary users” of the account. Their registration information can only be accessed through the user who signed up on their behalf.

You can also delete a registrant by clicking on the trash can icon located at the top right corner of each registrant box.


Wavier and Additional Questions                                             

Once you have finished filling out all of the registrant information, scroll through and read the race waiver, and then check off the box below it if you and everyone you are registering for agreeing to its terms.

Join a Team Fundraiser

Next, you can join or create a fundraising team. Returning team captains will be prompted to bring back their fundraising team from last year's walk.

 To join an existing race team, search for the name of the team with the "Search for existing Race Teams" button or look through the team dropdown.

 To create a NEW race team, click the button and select what type of team you are and what you would like your team name to be. 

After you click continue, the next page will ask if you are a self-advocate or college student. This discount is for 18+. There are other discounts for children 17 and under that will process at the end of registration. Please only select yes if you are an adult on the spectrum or a college student. 

The next page will ask you how you learned about the Challenge and ask you for your t-shirt size. (Shirts are automatic for people registered 5 years and up. If you would like a shirt for a smaller child, please see the note on this page) 

The next page is where you can create your team fundraising page. Everyone is automatically signed up as an individual fundraiser. We hope you will sign up your team to help us raise the funds necessary to continue our supports and services for the Greater Akron area. 

Scroll down the page past this section 

To create a new fundraising team, click the tab from "No" to "Yes" to the right of the search bar. If you are trying to join a team, use the Join a Fundraising Team dropdown. 

We hope you will edit the personal message that will show up on your fundraising page for your team. Please add your Team Name and delete the RED placeholders before moving forward. Your story is important and it is what will drive people to support you and your team’s efforts! If you do not do this here, you can do it later from your participant page. 

For more info on setting up a fundraising team, click here.


If you would like to have your t-shirt mailed to you versus picking it up before or after the event, please indicate that on this next page. 

The next page will ask if you would like to sign up for Challenge emails.


 Final Checkout Page

You will be presented with the final checkout page for review. Please review the race information, registration information, and cart charges, ensuring all are correct and accurate.

This is also another opportunity to add in another registrant before you finish yours. 


Please enter your credit card information at the bottom of the page.  

Complete registration by clicking the "Confirm Payment or Complete Registration" button, depending on your signup. 


You will see the below window while your registration is processing. 


Congratulations! You are registered for the Challenge! 


Next step:

Facebook Fundraiser Set Up is Easy! 

Next, you will receive a pop-up window asking you to set up your Facebook Fundraiser which will be attached to your fundraising page, but only if you set it up through RunSignUp. Take this opportunity to get it started right away! 

NOTE: Please turn off your pop-up blocker or add RunSignUp to your approved list before clicking on this window. The Facebook setup will be a pop-up and will not show up if your blocker is on. If you click on the blue bottom and it turns grey but nothing happens, it was probably blocked. 

If you are unable to set up your Facebook Fundraiser during registration, you will be able to do it from your participant center. 

You are all set!

You will receive a couple confirmation emails showing details of your registration and event information. If you have any specific questions, please email


Thank you for taking the Challenge! 

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