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The Philadelphia Marathon

Sat November 18 - Sun November 19 2017
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Location: Philadelphia, PA US 19130 Directions
Type: Run Only, Run or Run/Walk
Application Process & Registration
  • What are the age requirements for participation in a Philadelphia Marathon event?
    The Philadelphia Marathon has adopted the following age participation policies by event distance: 18 and older for The Liberty Bell Challenge (39.3 miles); 18 and older for The Independence Challenge (31.6 miles); 16 and older for the Marathon (26.2 miles); 14 and older for the Half Marathon (13.1 miles); 12 and older for the Rothman Institute 8K (5.4 miles); and 6-12 for the Kids Fun Run. All youth race participants under the age of 18 must have parent or guardian's signed authorization on the official event application and waiver. Be prepared to provide proof of age when picking up a minor's race packet.

  • May I register on race day?
    There is NO race day registration for the Marathon, Half Marathon or Rothman Institute 8K. Only the Kids Fun Run allows race day registration. 

  • May I switch my registration from one race to another?
    Yes.  When switching to a shorter distance event, there will be no fee charged and no refund issued.  When switching to a longer distance event, the fee will be equal to the difference between the current fee for your original event and the new, longer event. You will receive a race number and shirt for the event for which you are officially registered on August 31, the deadline for switching events.  On race weekend you can run a shorter event and be officially timed / eligible for awards using the race number from a longer event.  If you run an event that is longer than  your race number describes you will NOT be scored or be eligible for awards.

  • Can I transfer or switch my bib/registration to another person?
    As noted in the application waiver that you signed during registration, bibs/registration(s) are non-transferable.

  • Can a friend pick up my packet for me?
    Yes. Your chosen representative can pick up your race materials for you if you provide him/her with a copy of your government-issued, photo ID.  He/she will also be asked to show his/her own government-issued photo ID.

  • I am entered in the race but recently incurred an injury and will be unable to compete. Can I defer my participation to next year?
    No. We do not offer deferments or refunds.

  • Do I need a qualifying time to enter the Philadelphia Marathon?

  • Is the Philadelphia Marathon a qualifying race to the Boston Marathon?

  • Are there Team Relays?
    No, there are no team relays in the Full or Half Marathon.

  • Is the Marathon walker-friendly?
    Yes. The Philadelphia Marathon is open to all competitors, with few restrictions. Please note that all participants must maintain a 16-minute per mile pace throughout the course.

  • Why didn't I receive a registration confirmation email?
    Based on your system's personal set up, it is not uncommon that confirmation emails get blocked, go to your SPAM folder, or end up in your junk mail.  It is also suggested that you add info@philadelphiamarathon.com to your contact list so you don't miss any important race information and announcements.

  • Do you have a mail-in registration form?
    Yes. Check back soon for the 2017 mail-in registration form. 

  • How can I confirm my registration in Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend events?
    Check back to confirm your registration for 2017 Race Weekend


Race Day

  • What are the security/entry guidelines for Race Day?
    Entry points are restricted between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

    • 21st St. & Benjamin Franklin Parkway
    • 24th St. & Park Towne Place
    • Kelly Drive & Pennsylvania Avenue
    • 23rd St. & Pennsylvania Avenue

    The race Start/Finish area between 21st & 25th Sts on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be a secure zone. Everyone will be screened in order to enter the Start/Finish area.

    • Arrive early so you have time to get through security- entrances open at 5 a.m.

    • Plan ahead, allowing time to get through designated entry checkpoints.

    • All runners should have bibs visible and fastened on the chest front of your attire.

    • All bags are subject to inspection.

    • Only clear plastic participant bags will be accepted at Gear Check.

    • Runners should arrive with the event-issued gear check tag (top of bib tear-off strip) affixed to their bags.

    • Factory-sealed plastic water bottles (1 per person - up to 1 liter) and hydration packs/belts are permitted but subject to screening.

    • The start of the race will not be delayed due to lines at security checkpoints.

    • All items deemed dangerous or inappropriate will be confiscated or denied access at the sole discretion of security personnel. 

  • I do not have a bib number. Can I run the race as an unofficial entrant?
    No. Race amenities provided along the course, including medical assistance, fluid replenishment stations and traffic safety concerns are based on the exact number of officially-entered competitors. Any addition to this number by way of unregistered participants will adversely affect the races. Unregistered participants will be removed from the course.

  • What is the location of the start line? 
    The start line for both the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon will be on the 2200 block of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, just east of Eakins Oval.

  • What are the locations for the port-a-johns?
    Port-a-johns are located at the start/finish line area. Additionally, port-a-johns will be located at every water stop on the course.

  • Will there be a pace team?
    Yes, the Philadelphia Runner Pace Team will have pace groups for the Half and Full Marathon.

  • What are the types of refreshment fluids and where will they be located on the courses?
    Hydration stations will be set up at the race start and finish, as well as throughout the length of the course. All hydration stations will have Gatorade Endurance Formula at the first set of tables and water at the next set of tables. The lemon-lime flavored Gatorade Endurance Formula will be served in green colored cups.

Saturday, November 18 – Rothman Institute 8K

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive near Black Road
  2. Finish Line

Saturday, November 18 – Philadelphia Half Marathon

  1. Pre-race water – Eakins Oval
  2. 6th & Market Street – Mile 1.8
  3. River side of Eakins Oval – Mile 3.7
  4. Martin Luther King Drive between Girard Avenue Bridge and Sweetbriar – Mile 5.1
  5. Martin Luther King Drive just before Strawberry Mansion ramp – Mile 7
  6. Huntington Street (Dell Music Center) – Mile 9.1
  7. Mt. Pleasant Drive & Fountain Green Drive – Mile 11.1
  8. Kelly Drive & Sedgely Drive – Mile 12.6

Sunday, November 19 – Philadelphia Marathon

  1. Pre-race water - Eakins Oval
  2. Columbus Boulevard & Race Street - Mile 2.2
  3. Columbus Boulevard near Christian Street - Mile 3.4
  4. 6th & Walnut Streets - Mile 5.1
  5. 31st & Chestnut Streets - Mile 7.1
  6. 34th Street & Fairmount Avenue - Mile 8.3
  7. Avenue of the Republic - Mile 9.8
  8. Disabled Rowers' Boathouse, Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive & Black Road - Mile 11.1
  9. Kelly Drive & Sedgley Avenue - Miles 13.5 & 25.7
  10. Kelly Drive & Fountain Green - Miles 14.7 & 24.6
  11. Kelly Drive & Ferry Street - Miles 16.9 & 22.3
  12. Main Street & Ridge Avenue - Miles 18.7 & 21.3
  13. Main & Cotton Streets, Winnie's LeBus - Miles 19.8 & 20.2
  14. Finish Line, Benjamin Franklin Parkway
  • Will energy gels be made available on the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon courses?
    Yes, our official energy gel, Carb Boom! Energy Gels will be available on the Half Marathon course at mile 10 and along the Full Marathon course at miles 10, 17, and 22. Six flavors will be available: Apple Cinnamon, Banana Peach, Grape Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, and Vanilla Orange.

  • What is the average temperature at Start Time?
    Approximately 45°F/7.2°C at start time and at the finish about 54°F/12°C.

  • Can I use a baby jogger, roller blades, scooter or bike?
    No. These items are all strictly prohibited from the race course.

  • What are the different divisions of the Philadelphia Marathon that receive awards?
    Please check the page for your specific race on this website for specific award and prize information.

  • How long will the finish be open for the Philadelphia Marathon?
    The finish will be open for 7 hours.

  • How can I review results at the end of the race?
    Online information is updated as the race progresses. Official race results will be posted online 24 hours from the time of the final finisher.

  • Can I use headphones or earbuds?
    The rule prohibiting headphones is no longer enforced by USATF; however, the Philadelphia Marathon recommends you do not wear them during the race. Runners' ability to hear and react to situations and directions given by race officials is very important. Your safety is always our topmost concern.

  • Can I wear a costume during the race?
    When it comes to costumes, we ask that you keep the safety of yourself and others in mind. If your costume is questionable or offensive to others, we reserve the right to either have you change into something more appropriate or remove you from the event. All costumes must also adhere to the Philadelphia Marathon’s security restrictions – no large backpacks or bags of any kind will be allowed on the course.

  • Can I wear an action camera during the Philadelphia Marathon?
    For the safety of both participants and spectators, the Philadelphia Marathon discourages the use of action cameras and selfie sticks while on the course.

  • Am I allowed to run with my pet?
    No animals are allowed on the course, with the exception of service animals.

  • Is there a course time limit for participants?
    Yes. You must maintain a 16-minute mile. 

  • What is the Philadelphia Marathon's policy on drug testing? 
    Although it is not required for all athletes to undergo testing prior to the competition, as a USATF Sanctioned Event, athletes who participate in the Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon and Rothman Institute 8K may be subject to formal drug testing in accordance with USATF and/or IAAF Rule. Athletes found positive for a banned substance, or who refuse to be tested, will be disqualified from this event and will lose eligibility for future competitions. Some prescription and over-the-counter medications may contain banned substances. Information regarding drugs and drug testing may be obtained on the USATF website.


About Philadelphia

  • While I'm in Philadelphia, I'd like to visit different parts of the city. How do I get to South Philadelphia? Fairmount? Old City? Manayunk?
    One of the things that makes Philadelphia great is its unique neighborhoods. Information on tours and itineraries are available at www.visitphilly.com. For those who prefer to travel on their own, contact SEPTA, the city's public transportation system at (215) 580-7800 or check out schedules at www.septa.org.

  • Is there late check-out at the hotels?
    Many hotels in Philadelphia offer special rates for the Race Weekend, but each has its own policies on check-in/check-out times. Please check with your hotel.

  • Can you recommend a good restaurant?
    Philadelphia has some of the best dining in the world, where you can find everything from cheesesteaks to French gourmet. You can review information about many of Philadelphia's fine restaurants at www.visitphilly.com.


For Spectators, Press, Vendors and Shoppers

  • I am not running but want some information about watching the race. 
    On the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, there is plenty of room for spectators along the street at the start and finish line. We will also have numerous Cheer Zones along the course. Check back closer to race day for a complete list of Cheer Zone locations.

  • I'm with the press. Can I interview the winner of the race?
    Yes. On race day, credentialed members of the press can visit the media tent at Eakins Oval to meet the winners. You are also welcome to download photos and press releases from the media page.

  • How can I obtain a booth at the Health & Fitness Expo or insert an item into the runners' bags?
    Click here for more information on how to become a vendor or exhibitor at the Health & Fitness Expo.

  • When will I receive my iTaB?
    Your iTaB will be produced and posted to you 15 business days after the event.