Turkey Trot Run

Thu November 24, 2022 Oakland University, MI 48309 US Directions

This section contains answers to questions that are frequently asked by both first time participants and those that have been in the sport a while. Please make sure you read through all the FAQs prior to sending questions.


  • Are strollers allowed in the race?
    • Yes, we just ask that they start either in the back or off to the side and NOT in the crowd. If we have enough at the start we may start them 5-10min after the last person crosses the start line from the normal start time.
  • Are dogs allowed in the race?
    • No. We LOVE dogs and we have dogs ourselves but we cannot allow them in the race due to insurance stipulations.
  • Are rollerblades, skateboards, etc allowed in the race.
    • No.
  • Are disabled individuals allowed to take part with a wheelchair or hand cycle?
    • Yes. Any disabled athletes in chairs or handcycles we will need to start at least 5min prior (7:55am) to the official start of the race. After you register please email us to let us know. Thank you!
  • What's included in my registration?
  • Do you give discounts?
    • Yes. Simply register for the event and then email us letting us know. We require you to email proof in the form of a professional or school ID before we refund you the discount shown below. 
      • 15% for active military, vets, fire, police, EMS w/ID
      • 20% college students w/ID
  • Do you give run clubs discounts?
    • Yes. Email us to setup a 10% discount code for your run club.


  • When is packet pickup (PPU)?
    • See the PACKET PICKUP page for details. Packets cannot be picked up before or after the times listed on this page. If you arrive early to packet pickup we WILL NOT be able to provide your packet until the designated start time.
  • Can I pick up my packet on race morning?
    • Yes you can, although we do not recommend it because if everyone does the lines could be long.
  • Can a friend or family member pick up my packet?
    • Yes but if you are picking up more than one packet you may be asked to step aside and wait until we clear the line of single packet pickups OR you will be placed into a different line of those picking up multiple packets if that is available. You also need proof of their IDs, see the next question below.
  • Do I need to bring an ID to packet pickup?
    • Yes you will need your ID and a photo/copy of the ID of anyone else you are picking up a packet for. 
  • What if I get home and am missing something?
  • Where do I put the race bib?
    • You wear the race bib with the numbers facing out on your front. Be sure to wear it on the outermost layer of clothing so it's visible.
  • Where is the timing tag and how do I wear it?
    • The timing tag is adhered to back of the bib number. As long as you are wearing the bib number outward facing on your front during the event and it's on the outermost layer of clothing, you are doing it correct and it should read just fine. If you bury the bib and tag under layers of clothing, fold it, or try to remove the timing tag from the bib, there's a good chance it will not work and you will not get a recorded time.
  • Can I change my shirt size at PPU?
    • No. We order all the items in advance and base our orders off your selection during registration, changes made at packet pickup may result in someone else not receiving what they ordered. If you wish to exchange an item, you may try to do so after the race at the volunteer check-in or onsite packet pickup area once everyone else has received their shirt.
  • Where can I find Race Morning PPU info?
    • Race morning packet pickup info can be found on the PACKET PICKUP page.


  • What is the race schedule?
  • Where do I park?
  • Where should I go when I arrive?
    • Once you park make your way up towards the start and finish line areas. Also pull up the PARKING & EVENT SITE MAP while you're on location and you will be able to see where you are at in relation to all the points of interest on the map.
  • How safe is the course?
    • Very. Yes we do run almost the entire course on the roads around Oakland University but the course is closed to cars with police at all the major important areas.
  • Are there medical professionals on the course?
    • Yes. We will have 1-2 medical team members at the start/finish area and 1-2 more on the far end of the course loop.
  • Do you have hydration stations on the course?
    • Yes we do, they are located everyone 1.5-miles on the loop as well as at the finish line. The Kids K has water at the finish. We will have water and some type of sports drink with electrolytes and calories available at each station. Please look at the COURSE MAP to see where they all are.
  • Do you have restrooms on the course?
    • Yes. There will be a bank of portable restrooms near the start/finish area. You run near them on the way to starting your second loop for the 10k. If you need to use them you can use them at the 3-mile mark as you approach the loop point. Please look at the COURSE MAP to see where they are.
  • What do we get at the Finsih?
    • At the finish line you will be greeted by an announcer, music, timing, and a volunteer with a smile putting your well earned metal around your neck. You do not need to return your timing tag or bib, those are yours. Beyond the finish line you will have food and drink waiting for you at post race.
  • May I run the Kids K with my child?
    • If your child is officially registered for the Kids K then yes you and any other family and friends that wish to do so may run with your child.
  • Do the kids get medals too?
    • Yes the kids get medals at the Finsih line.
  • Do the kids get awards too?
    • No they do not. They get the medals at the finish line.


  • What run gear will I need?
    • Shoes, shirt, pants/shorts. Beyond that if you want to wear socks, a hat, sunglasses, gloves if it's cold, etc, that's up to you.
  • Can I run barefoot?
    • No, shoes must be worn on the run for your safety at all times.

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