UHS Trail Race

Sat May 1, 2021 Directions
Who Are We?

Meet our team for the 2020 race:

The children of Upland Hills School are integral to putting on the 'Over the Hills and Through the Woods' Trail Race.  This year, three students (Aurora, 13, and Clara and Lauren, both 12) have joined the committee of adult volunteers throughout the fall and winter trimesters.  These three students were very involved in putting on both our previous races, and are ready to take on bigger challenges.  They have been given responsibility for researching the nutritional needs of runners after a race, and testing recipes (with the help of Cass, our full-time chef at Upland Hills School) for energy bars.  They have also honed their presentation skills and visited businesses in local towns, asking for sponsorship. Their final project will be researching plants which they will start from seed and nurture so they are ready for prizes on race day.

 A second team of young graphic designers worked with a parent to create a poster in the fall trimester.  As spring approaches, more children will join the team to make medals, energy bars and prizes for you to enjoy after running our beautiful, challenging course.

Adults on the team include Robert Crowe, who has been running for around 20 years and has entered many trail races both locally (Bigfoot Snowshoe race, Highland Loops and Trail Weekend are favorites) and globally (London, Auckland and Rotorua marathons were all highlights).  He is currently increasing mileage with the hope of running an ultra distance without getting injured!  



Meet our team for the 2019 race 

We are the kids of Upland Hills School. "Race Class" is an elective afternoon class that we all chose to take. We are all between the ages of 8 and 13. We are so excited to design courses, websites, medals and all the other important things it takes to put on a race. We hope you are able to participate in this one-of-a kind race that we worked so hard to put on.

Make-a-race class

Winter has been busy disrupting our classes, but we have managed to design and start work on the medals.  





We've also been to Merge Art Studio to make the prizes for the fastest runners at each distance.  Thank you so much to Karey and everyone involved in donating time and materials for the prizes.


December 2018 update
11 enthusiastic students have chosen to take Make-a-Race class.  In this class, the designs created in the first trimester are realized and so we have spent the first weeks painting a 'Face in hole' board so that you runners and walkers can get a fun photo after the race.  We've also been finding suitable sized tree limbs to cut into wooden discs for the medals, and drilled holes ready for the lanyards.  A small group have been working on creating structures for our 'Zero-Waste' recycling and composting stations.  

ImageFall 2018     Design-a-race


October 2018 update

Eight children have chosen to take Design-a-Race this trimester.  We are busy learning about graphic design, and how words, symbols and pictures can be combined to help people understand something.  In our first classes, we looked at different elements of design - color, typography etc - then experimented with graphic design software.  Now it's time to get into the serious business of designing the posters, flyers, t-shirt, and medals for the race.  Hopefully, we'll also have time to design our own 'Zero Waste' station and the signs to help people understand how to use it.  We're also designing a 'face in hole' board so that you can take some fun photos when you come to the trail run / walk.  See you there!!

Here we are, busy seeing what one color looks like next to another so we can make a good decision about what color t-shirts to have this year:


Meet the team who put on the 2018 race

2017 Fall Race Class


"I enjoyed this class because one, it is cool designing a race and two, because running is fun."

"I joined this class because I wanted to help out."

"I learned how to design a website through this class.  Running through the woods was so much fun.  I liked having people to run with instead of running by myself."

"I like race class because we get to run when we have lots of energy."

"What I liked about race class was measuring the trails."

"I joined this class because I love playing outside and I love running around.  My favorite part of the class was the running part."

"I joined this class because it is an outside class, I love running and I like being outside."

"I liked when we got to run in this class.  I learned how to put together a website.  I am happy that I get to run this race."

"This class taught me how to plan a race.  I learned how to make a website.  I run a lot in my everyday life, but this kind of running is different.  This class taught me how to make an effective poster."


2017-18 Winter Race Class


"I enjoyed a lot of things about race class. I enjoyed making the medals the most and drilling the medals.  I also enjoyed going on the field trips to Merge studio and the farm."

"I really liked race class, it was really fun.  I liked that we made the race happen.  It was so fun making it happen."



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