Run & Walk for Prostate Cancer Awareness

Sun September 9, 2018 Directions

Parking Attendant

You must be 18 or older to volunteer for this task.

Minimum met, 2 volunteer spots remaining.


-Volunteer hours: 6:45 am until 8:00 am
-Check in with Jennifer (race director) for volunteer shirt and safety vest
-Volunteer must be friendly
-Volunteer must be able to stand for approximately 1 ½ hours and able to walk quickly
-Volunteer will work with other parking attendants to easily and safely direct traffic in our two allowed parking venues
-Parking at Eddie Bauer will only be open until around 7am and therefore will primarily be used for event staff
-Parking at Mann Roland will be the primary parking for race participants
-Leave far North row of parking at Mann Roland open for handicap, elderly, and Dick Johnson
-Must have one parking attendant at driveway entrance and point driver in the direction of where they will park
-Must have one parking attendant standing where participant parks and direct them to CPC’s parking lot
-Be aware if Mann Roland parking is filling up and be ready to direct traffic to Napleton parking lot
-Do not use parking at Napleton directly in front of West side of the building. This parking is being saved for their employees that work on Sunday
-Volunteers must have cell phone numbers for other parking attendants to help with communication and Jennifer or George for additional assistance if needed
-At 8 am, and if no other cars are arriving, you may leave your post and come to the event
-Report any feedback to Jennifer for improvements for next years event


You must be 16 or older to volunteer for this task.

Minimum met, 5 volunteer spots remaining.


-Check in with Jennifer or pre-registration table for volunteer shirt
-Volunteer hours: 6:45 am to 8:15 am
-Volunteer may be working with several others at table
-Bags for pre-registrants will be in alphabetical order behind table
-Bags will consist of shirt, bib with chip and safety pins (runners only), sweat band (survivors only) & misc. brochures
-List of all registered participants will be on table in alphabetical order
-Check in the participant by looking up name on list and checking off name
-Find participant’s bag and make sure name is correct.
-Hand them bag and let participant know shirt and bib are in it
-If they are running there is a tracking bar at the back of the bib-after they cross the finish line they MUST turn in tracking bar to the race timer
-Please advise the participants that at awards ceremony all registered participants have been entered into a free raffle of various prizes-winners will be called by name
-Advise participant that there is a raffle immediately following the race with lots of prizes-tickets are $1.00 each-also there will be a silent auction
-Direct the participant to the large map station to understand route better-smaller map handouts will be on the table if someone wants to take one
-Advise them that there are water stations throughout the route
-If they came with pledge/donation money-direct them to the donation table
-Wish them luck!!