We have awards and prizes where honestly nearly all teams have a chance to win...

No matter how fast-twitch-muscle challenged or creatively-sparse-minded your team may be.


Relay Team Awards

Awards for the winning team in each division and age category.

Open Team Winners by Event

Overall 4-Person Relay Winner

Overall 3-Person Relay Winner

Overall 2-Person Relay Winner

Overall 4-Person Wheel Chair Winner

Overall 2-Person Wheel Chair Winner

Overall 4-Person Push Chair Winner

Overall 2-Person Push Chair Winner

Overall 4-Person Disabled Athlete Winner

Overall 2-Person Disabled Athlete Winner

Overall Kids' Shuttle Relay Winners

Overall Family Shuttle Relay Winners

Overall Winners can come from any division, age group or gender category.

Overall winners are not allowed to win their Age Group / Division.

Overall winners are allowed to win the Fastest Individual Relay Awards (see below)

All winners are based off of time.

It's All About Strategy for This Award...



You're looking over your relay team roster and while you love these guys/gals, if you're being totally honest with yourself, you know you're all not the most fleet-footed bunch around...

But that's okay, because with a little strategy your team could be taking home some prizes, baby!

How, you ask?

By running a total team time that is closest to one of two Zeal Bullz-eye times (without going over).

We will have a Zeal Bullz-eye time (averaging between an 8-10 min/mi)

The Zeal Bullz-eye time will be posted on our website and emailed out to all registrants a few days before the race.


If the Zeal Bullz-eye time was set at 27:46.51 - this would mean your team would need to average a 7:27 mile throughout the 6000 meter relay. Your team ends up running a total time of 27:26.8, but another team runs 27:46.89. But, because your team didn't go over the time, you would be the winner of the fast Zeal Bullz-eye Challenge!

And if  you're thinking those Bullz-eye time ranges may be too fast for your group, remember we're not talking about your 5K or 10K mile pace, but paces you can run for shorter distances (200-800 meters, usually). Below is a break down of paces for shorter distances for people who run anywhere between a 10-12 min/mi for a 5K:


Pace times calculated by using McMillan's Running Calculator


The fastest overall team time in an individual relay will win engraved-batons of that race for your team.

A team is eligible to win multiple batons for individual relays.

Overall team winners will not be eligible for Fastest Individual Relay Awards

Relay Names

Pulled Hammy

Breaking Wind

Heavy Breather


Oxygen Deprivation

Piano On Your Back



While we unfortunately don't have a panel of celebrity judges at our disposal, we do have a fair-minded race director who, along with your online voting, will give out special awards for:

Best Team Name

Best Team Uniform

Best Team Baton

Teams will be judged off of originality, creativity and showmanship. Teams are allowed to win more than one category.