White Lake Spring Half

Sat April 27, 2019 Elizabethtown, NC US 28337 Directions
Course Description


The magic of White Lake has always been the lake. White Lake is one of the finest lakes you will ever have the pleasure to swim in – a perfect oval, two miles long and one mile across. The lake which is fed by subterranean springs is crystal clear with a sand bottom – about nine feet deep out in the very middle. Most mornings, White Lake is so perfectly flat; you’d swear you were looking at a sheet of ice. This is an in-water start with participants lining up with the end of the two piers/docks at the NCFFA Center. The swim course is a triangular shaped course. Participants exit the water at the end of the easternmost pier/dock and run about 300 yards to the transition area. Expect the water temp to be in the high 60s to the low 70s. This WILL be a wetsuit legal race. 

We will post a water temp on the Thursday of race week.


Competitors take a right out of the FFA center onto Hwy 53 and ride about 1.5 miles where they turn right onto Hwy 701. North on Hwy 701 for 8 miles to Hwy 210. Right (southeast) on Hwy 210 for 25 miles to Hwy 53. Right on Hwy 53 for the 20 miles back to the race site. This course is totally flat and features only three turns in 56 miles.

There will be two water bottle hand-off locations; Mile 22 & Mile 37

Run Course:

This is an out & back course. The run course basically circles White Lake. Runners go right on Hwy 53 and then right on Hwy 701. Runners then turn right into the Turtle Cove subdivision where they do a short out & back in order to get the mileage needed for the Half. Coming out of Turtle Cove, runners turn right onto Hwy 701, head up around the north end of the lake and bear right onto White Lake Dr. The run turn-around is located at the end of White Lake Dr. - just short of the White Lake Dr./Hwy 53 intersection. The return route to the FFA Center is the same - minus the Turtle Cove section. Consequently, runners only go into Turtle Cove on the outbound leg of the run.

IMPORTANT: The run course along both Hwy 53 and Hwy 701 will be coned - with cones separating vehicular traffic from runners. Runners MUST stay inside the traffic cones. Any runner caught running outside the traffic cones will be DQ'd on the spot. This is a very important safety consideration, so violations to this rule will be dealt with severely - NO WARNING.

Aid Stations:

Aid stations will be located along the the course at approximately every mile to mile and a half.

NBS Hydration will be our official on course nutrition.  Their goal is to provide athletes high quality, evidence based nutrition at a cost effective price point. They focus on what’s inside the bag, stripping away all the BS that surrounds the sports nutrition industry.

Their products first hit the market in 2016, through a partnership with Dr. Stacy Sims. NBS Hydration helps guard against dehydration caused by exercise and extreme heat by working with your body’s specific physiology. The exact type of sugars and electrolytes in the proper ratios is included to ensure optimal hydration and get to you to the finish line faster. They also offer preload, recovery, and goodnight products to round out your in-season nutrition. 

Other Supplies:
•   Water
•   Flat cola
•   Oranges
•   Salty Snack
•   Ice
•   Cold towels
•   First Aid Kit
•   Port-A-Let

We ask that all participants deposit all their trash at the trash containers located at/near the aid stations.
Please do our volunteers a favor and make sure you don't throw trash along the run course. Our ability to hold this race is contingent upon how clean we leave the area following the race. Littering on the run course WILL result in a penalty from the USAT officials.