Can Do 5K

Sat April 27, 2019 Bothell, WA US 98011 Directions

The Superheroes of Rehab Without Walls

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Group/Team Details

Race Date Saturday April 27, 2019
Created Date Monday February 18, 2019
Group/Team Type Non-School Teams
Group/Team Size No Limit
No. of Members 67
30 Male; 37 Female

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location
Scott H. M 42 Kirkland, WA
Sofia C. F 44 Kirkland, WA
Nolan H. M 6 Kirkland, WA
Maya H. F 8 Kirkland, WA
Adrianna D. F 28 Edmonds, WA
Jess T. F 40 Seattle, WA
Graham T. M 10 Seattle, WA
Jim T. M 40 Seattle, WA
Luca E. M 10 Seattle, WA
Nancy T. F 70 Seattle, WA
Eric O. M 51 Everett, WA
Renee O. F 53 Everett, WA
Derek O. M 14 Everett, WA
Luke O. M 13 Everett, WA
Karen P. F 30 Seattle, WA
Alyssa E. F 28 Mountlake Terrace, WA
Lisa L. F 52 Edmonds, WA
Ed L. M 49 Edmonds, WA
Charlie L. M 15 Edmonds, WA
Joshua L. M 13 Edmonds, WA
Daniel L. M 11 Edmonds, WA
Ainsley K. F 31 Redmond, WA
Jenn B. F 28 Bellevue, WA
Emyleigh W. F 26 Seattle, WA
Leonardo S. M 15 Bellevue, WA
Anonymous Participant N/A 42 N/A
Evelyn S. F 19 Bellevue, WA
Cesar R. M 45 Bellevue, WA
Sarah K. F 35 Lynnwood, WA
David K. M 35 Lynnwood, WA
Freya K. F 11 Lynnwood, WA
Luca K. M 8 Lynnwood, WA
Caia K. F 2 Lynnwood, WA
Robbie L. M 64 Lynnwood, WA
Ros L. F 65 Lynnwood, WA
Karissa W. F 25 Kirkland, WA
Cory S. M 27 Kirkland, WA
Steve F. M 59 Duvall, WA
David Y. M 24 Edmonds, WA
Aaron T. M 34 Edmonds, WA
Emily T. F 36 Edmonds, WA
Graham T. M 2 Edmonds, WA
Channing T. M 1 Edmonds, WA
Megan L. F 32 Renton, WA
Sariya R. F 43 Sammamish, WA
Aziza R. F 15 Sammamish, WA
Matthew H. M 32 Sammamish, WA
Mark H. M 32 Sammamish, WA
Brett C. M 38 Sammamish, WA
Ilona M. F 44 Bothell, WA
Micah M. M 43 Bothell, WA
Alexa M. F 12 Bothell, WA
Julia M. F 9 Bothell, WA
Daniel K. M 35 Mountlake Terrace, WA
Lindsey S. F 10 Granite Falls, WA
Rebecca S. F 47 Granite Falls, WA
Eric S. M 46 Granite Falls, WA
Emme S. F 15 Granite Falls, WA
Grant S. M 12 Granite Falls, WA
Julie D. F 38 Seattle, WA
Drew S. F 18 Woodinville, WA
Katie D. F 36 Bothell, WA
Janet D. F 35 Brier, WA
Jeanette D. F 35 Brier, WA
Nicki D. F 32 Brier, WA
Jane D. F 29 Brier, WA
Amanda A. F 32 Pacific, WA