Club Donations

What's Included?


Build community goodwill by encouraging club members to contribute to causes through a donation page on your club website.

  • Create a donation page to allow members to contribute to a cause. Set donation goals to inspire members to contribute.
  • Set multiple donation periods and different beneficiaries throughout the year.
  • Easily access reports to view member donations in summary or in detail.

If your Club hosts it's own races, take advantage of our robust Race Donations & Fundraising capabilities

  • Platform Choice: Point and click option to choose RunSignUp, Crowdrise, or Firstgiving as the payform of choice for fundraising.

Races that opt to use the RunSignUp Donations and Processing Platform will have the following options:

Watch how easy it is to setup your Donations and Fundraising from your dashboard, read more details on RunSignUp Donations and Fundraising, or use our video on Becoming a Fundraiser to help your runners get started raising money.

See tips on motivating Fundraisers from the CASA Superhero Run Richmond.

Cross Promote Races and Clubs

Leverage cross promotion by offering race discounts to your members, and membership discounts to the runners who register for your races.


Gobble Gobble Four Miler Case Study

The Gobble Gobble Four Miler offers suggestions for motivating and incentivizing runners to fundraise.

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What Our Customers Say:

“Now, with RunSignUp, someone signs up to be a member of the club, we get a notification, and one year later they get an email to renew – we don’t have to send any emails manually.”

- Josh Spiker, Vendurance