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Cross Promote Races and Clubs

What's Included?

Use RunSignUp to encourage club members to participate in your races, and inform race participants about your club.

See how Integrated Club and Race Registration Works.

From our Customers: Create a Race Series to use Cross Promotion to build your Club (and Events)

Lehigh Valley Road Runners Birmingham Track Club Bluegrass Runners
  • Create a series that is free (or discounted) for Club Members, but open to the public, rewarding members for their participation, and giving non-members a reason to sign up.

The Lehigh Valley Road Runners created a low frills Ice Scraper Series (free to members) that drives member-ship and event participation.

The Birmingham Track Club offers 4 of their events at a deep discount to members by providing a package that is only available to their members. Non-members are prompted to join to participate in the multiple races.

The Bluegrass Runners offered a $5 discount to all club members registering for the Thanksgiving Day Thoroughbred Classic (even if they joined during registration), and were shocked to gain 61 new members - more than double the previous month.

Club Roster Management

RunSignUp provides an easy roster management system with customizable options for membership types. Use membership reminder emails to automatically notify your members to stay involved and renew their membership.


Sell Club Merchandise

Set up a simple online store to allow members to purchase club gear and accessories. Offer items year-round from your club store page, and drive your sales by highlighting items during club sign-up and membership renewals.


Training Programs & Coaching Clubs

Use RunSignUp Clubs for registration and management of Training Programs and Coaching Services. Keep track of runners in various programs, set up basic coaching capabilities, or utilize a Tech Partner for Advanced Coaching options.

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What Our Customers Say:

“We just take an assumptive approach: if you’re going to work with us then, our preferred and exclusive online registration company is RunSignUp. It just makes life so much easier.”

- Bob Baney, 3 Way Racing