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Customizable Pricing

What's Included?

RunSignUp has customizable pricing options to meet the needs of your race.

  • Multiple Registration Periods: Set different pricing for different periods of time to encourage early registration in your event.
  • Age-Based Pricing: Set different pricing for specific age ranges.
  • Group and Team Pricing:
    • Multi-Person Pricing: Encourage groups (like families) to sign up together as a part of one registration transaction.
    • Team Participant Pricing: Let peer pressure work for you by varying individual prices based on the number of individuals registering to run as a part of a team.
    • Group Setup Fee: Choose to set up an up-front fee for starting a team or group.
    • Pre-Pay Group/Team: Allow a single entity to pay the entry fee for an entire group. An example of this would be a Corporate Team.
  • Custom Pricing for Give-away items: Allow for charging for “upgraded” giveaway items, such as an XXXL T-Shirt, or electing for a tech shirt instead of a cotton version.
  • Flexible Processing Fee Options: RunSignUp's standard Processing Fees (see below) all have flexible payment options for Race Fees, Donation Fees, and Store Fees. The processing fee can be included in the race fee, added as an addition to the race fee, or split 50-50%.

Processing Fees for Races

Checkout Total
Checkout Total
$10.00 and Less
Checkout Total
Above $10.00
Checkout Total
Above $30.00
Checkout Total
Above $50.00
Checkout Total
Above $250.00
Checkout Total
Above $1,000.00

Donation Processing Fees 4 - 4.8%*

*Donation processing rate is dependent on a race’s organization type and choice of payment option.

Run Thru the Woods Case Study

The Run Thru the Woods Case Study demonstrates the value of price increases as a tool to drive early registration and discourage waiting until Race Day.


Processing Fee Options

Reasonable Pricing

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