Flexible Waiver Options

What's Included?

As Event Directors, Waivers are your protection. We give you a number of options to meet your needs.

  • Personalized Waiver: We offer a simple default waiver, but you can simply type your own waiver into the text box in the Registration step of the Wizard.
  • Default Waiver Acknowledgement: Default Waiver acknowledgement is a simple checkbox "By checking this box, I agree to the waiver and that I am 18 or older, or that I have the authority to register the participants an agree to the waiver for them."
  • Advanced Waiver Acknowledgement Options: Select the acknowledgement option you want, including initials, full name, or full name + date of birth per registrant, or name and current date.
  • Sign Waiver Later: When the individual doing the registration does not have the ability to sign a waiver for someone else (i.e., signing up an adult daughter or a friend), you can provide the option to have the waiver signed later. The registrant will be required to enter an email address to send waiver instructions to allow that runner to sign the waiver at their convenience.
  • Waiver Options Waiver Reports: Participant Report offers a column to see when the waiver was signed; if you change your waiver at any point, you can also access the date & text that each individual signed their waiver from within their Participant Management screen.
  • Waiver Communication: The integrated Email Marketing system allows you to email all runners who have not signed their waivers to remind them to sign them in advance, or give them steps to sign it on Race Day.
  • Race Day Waivers: If you have allowed runners to sign their waiver later, you can view their waiver status on the Free Check-In app to ensure that you all runners who have not signed their waiver do so at Packet Pickup.

Read more about the detailed Waiver Options, and emailing runners to sign their waivers.

*We are not lawyers, and cannot warrant that our default waiver (or any waiver options) will cover all your needs. We always recommend consulting a legal team to verify your specific event information.

Cross-Race Reporting

Enhanced reporting allows you to compare data within individual races, or across all races. Participant and Financial reports available.


Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing is integrated directly into the RunSignUp System to allow Race Directors (and partners) to reach registered runners, contact participants from previous years, and upload and email any list of past or potential runners. Email on a race level, or across all races.


Participant Management

RunSignUp minimizes the workload for you, the Race Director, with self-service options for waitlist integration, refunds, event transfers, and bib exchanges.

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What Our Customers Say:

“Even a first time Race Organizer can come off looking professional because we run their race through RunSignUp.”

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