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What's Included?

We designed our Free Check-In Apps for one reason: make packet pickup faster, smoother, more accurate, and less chaotic... regardless of Internet connection. Depending on your needs, we have three app options: an Online Check-In App, a Check-In Chrome App, and a Native Mobile Check-In App for Apple and Android. Each of these Apps can be used whether registration was held on RunSignUp, or another registration hosting site. The highlights and differences of each are below.

Chrome Check-In App

  • Auto-Sync: The App auto-syncs with RunSignUp regularly to keep your data accurate even with a spotty Internet connection.
  • CheckIn Offline Mode: If you have no Internet, you can run the app full offline and manually sync when a connection is restored.
  • Dynamic Bib Assignment: Simply type numbers as you hand them out to eliminate wasted bib tags. If you need to import it into your Scoring Software (like the Race Director or RunScore), save the data to a USB.
  • Waiver Check-In: Verify that participants have signed their waiver by check-in.
  • Easy Barcode Check-In: Send your runners an email prior to Race Day with a barcode, and speed up your check-in with barcode readers.
  • Label & Receipt Printing: Customize fields to print and print directly to a label, or print a receipt with runner info (to speed add-on or giveaway pickup).
  • Customize Search & Pop-Up: Itemize the fields that you want your check-in staff to see and/or edit as they check people in, both in search, and on the pop-up.
  • Linked Registrations: Find runners who registered in the same transaction (like a family) with one click.
  • Search & Assign Bibs by Team: Find everyone a team easily and assign team bib numbers.
  • Mark Manual Payments: Record any cash payments taken at check-in.
  • Reports: Track the overall check-in stats, and check-ins on a per-station ba-sis.

Native Mobile Check-In App for Apple and Android

  • Built-in Camera Support: Phone cameras can be used to read barcodes and QR Codes that are sent to runners. QR codes can be read in under 1 second, from your participant's phones, so you can check people in fast.
  • Fast Check-In: Send your participants their confirmation numbers in QR Code and barcode formats from within our email system.
  • Waiver Signatures: Participants who have not yet signed their waivers can sign via the phones and tablets you use for check-in.
  • Robust Configuration Options: Customize your check-in options, including sort order, events, bib number, linked registrations, quick check-in mode, and duplicate bib prevention.

Online Check-In App

The Online Check-In App is ideal when there is consistent internet; for example, a packet pickup at a running store. It includes:

  • Easy Search: Kiosk mode option gives you a full screen with less clutter, and search functions on any participant field or by registration ID/barcode.
  • Linked Registrations: See all registrations made on the same transaction (to easily check in a family) or pull up all registrations on a group/team.
  • Check-In Reporting: Track check-ins by station or identifier to verify where your participants checked in.
  • Bib Assignment: Easy, real-time dynamic Bib Assignment options.

The Erie Runners Club and Big White Trailer made an investment in technology that demonstrates how a smooth Check-In process can speed and enhance race day.

Read a detailed overview of Check-In App options and setup, watch the How-To Videos, and see our Hardware Recommendations, and the App Printers on Windows.


Southwest Cafe Margarita 5K Case Study

The Southwest Café Margarita 5K tested out the Free Check-In App and reports back on it's efficient, super-smooth process.


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