Free Race Webpage

What's Included?

Race Page

RunSignUp provides races with a simple race webpage. Race directors can post common information about their race like date, time, cost, etc. In addition, custom sections can be added with links to other websites like sponsors.

Embedded Race

The webpage will have a simple URL that is search engine friendly. This allows runners searching Google to type in your race name, find your race webpage to get additional information, and sign up. The URL stays the same each year, so links to your webpage will continue to work year after year and you can build your race. You can also set your own URL or embed our widget in your own website. See some examples of the types of custom widgets that can be embedded in your existing website.

The webpage has multiple Tabs on it that will display information if enabled:

  • Race Info
  • Sign Up
  • Find A Runner
  • Participants
  • Donations
  • Store
  • Results

Easy Setup

Race directors will use a simple 7-Step Wizard to set up their race webpage and online registration.

You can view details about all steps of the Race Wizard here. The two steps that apply directly to website creation are:

Step 1: Race

In addition to entering basic information about your race, your webpage URL will be generated on this page. Note: Your URL cannot be changed after completing this step. Avoid using years in your URL, and double check all spelling.

Step 6: Race Page

Customize your webpage with a logo or image, include directions to your race, and add a map of your course via PDF, image, or MapMyRun. You can further customize your page with videos from Youtube, Livestream, UStream, or Vimeo, or by adding Custom Sections with more Runner Information about your Event.


Our race results system is free, with easy uploading and full compatibility with Race Director, RunScore, and similar formats. We give you a clean look, searchable results, and results notifications for your runners.


Large Race Solutions

RunSignUp has technology solutions to allow large races to operate smoothly. We have site scalability to handle 50,000 registrations in 7 minutes, and services to manage participant transfers, refunds, and waitlists.