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Free Webpage Features

“I have created a race called the Old Settler's Day Fun Run/Walk in Chester, IA through your website. It's a wonderful website and very user friendly!!!”

Some nifty things you can do with that free webpage of yours...

Custom URL

Set your own URL such as This makes it simple for runners to remember, and easier for you to advertise.


Upload results from another webpage, CSV, or even the native results from The Race Director and RunScore timing systems. Upload past races from previous years so runners have a single place to go for learning about your race, signing up, and seeing results.

Custom Sections

This allows you to add content to your race information page. It can be anything - perhaps awards, listing sponsors, background information on the race, etc.

Display Participants

You publish runner information in the results. Some races are starting to display participants that have signed up for a race. Chose who can see this information (everyone, only others who have registered), and chose how much information to display.

Link Buttons

Signup buttons that you can cut and paste into other websites or emails to direct them to your race webpage, donation page, or online store.


Let runners check to see if they are registered for the race. Or if you have a wait list, they can see what number they are in order.

On Your Website!

Embed online registration right on your own website with our widget technology. This is very similar to embedding YouTube videos on another website. See an example here: Learn how to embed a widget in this video.

Simple Renew and Copy of Your Race

When your race is over, simply click on "Renew Race" and set the date and you are all set for next year! And you keep the same URL! If you have a race series, simply set up the first one, and then click "Copy Race" and then set any differences like date. See the videos on Renewing and Copying.

Race Page Videos

Include a preview of the course or a video montage of clips from previous events right on your race info page. More information.


MapMyRun is fully integrated with RunSignUp. This makes it easy to show runners your course map right on the Race Info page!

Google Maps

RunSignUp creates a Google Map for you based on your race location. We even allow you to put in exact Latitude and Longitude coordinates. This is handy for those times where the address can't be found or if the race is in the middle of a park!


“Registrations this year I am hearing from folks is AWESOME! Thank you!!! Very positive experience!”

We make it easy for participants to register online using any credit card they choose and make sure that payment gets to you as fast as possible with some of these features.

Secure Payment Processing

We use a very secure method with a combination of SSL and redirect technology so that only our processing company sees the credit card number (it actually never passes through our systems). This gives us full PCI compliance.

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. Let the runners signup with the card they want.

Direct Payments

Customize when you receive your payments and even have them automatically deposited in your account. It gets the money into your bank account quicker, is more automated, and it is the direction the credit card industry is guiding the online registration business. More information.

Payment Reports

Track registrations and financial results with simple notifications and reporting. More information.


“It was incredibly easy to make the bib labels - loved that feature. People loved the speed at which the results went online - instantaneous!. (This) was a huge improvement over our previous no-frills way we timed the Roxbury races.”

We offer a complete way to get your results published and have them display the information you want. Participants can also be automatically alerted when results go up by using our Results Notifications features.

Simple Results Posting

Upload an HTML, plain text, CSV, TSV, or PDF of your race results, or point to a webpage containing them. We will do a conversion to simple HTML (for security purposes) or a PDF and display it as a tab alongside the rest of your tabs like Race Info, SignUp, and Donations, etc. More information.

Free Results Posting

Any race can use RunSignUp for results posting. More information.

Assign Bib Labels

Assign bib numbers in RunSignUp. Auto-assign, manually assign, import, or access it through our API. More information.

Bib Labels

Race directors and timers now have the ability to easily print out on Avery 5160 type labels. There is flexibility on selecting what information to display and how on the labels. More information.

Upload The Race Director or RunScore Results Natively

Most timers use either The Race Director or RunScore as their timing system. RunSignUp supports the native data upload into our database for flexible display and sharing.

Timer Sharing of Participants

Give your timer access to downloading your participants to their timing system, as well as posting results on your webpage easily and securely.

Full Results

Upload results from another webpage, CSV, or even the native results from The Race Director and RunScore timing systems. Upload past races from previous years so runners have a single place to go for learning about your race, signing up and seeing results.


Set up notifications to alert your runners when final race results have been posted at no charge. We also offer split time notifications for a minimal fee. For example, you could get notifications at each mile point for a runner. See our Pricing page for information on split notification service. More information.

Mobile Results

Easily search and view results that are mobile optimized. More information.


“I LOVE the graphical reports!” - “I LOVED the report features!”

If you're interested in tracking and comparing data from week to week and race to race, then these are the features for you!

Track Multiple Races

Easily manage multiple races and see quick view reports that show participants this year compared to last year.

Registration Email to Race Director

Choose whether or not you want an email each time someone registers for your event.

Timing Service Access to Participants

Set specific people to have access to participant information. This is very useful for timing services so they can have real-time access to participant information and can download the data themselves rather than the race director having to download and email. It can also be useful when there are multiple race directors.

Import Runners for Free

You can enter other runners either on a special web page, or upload a CSV (Excel) file. This allows race directors to input their paper registrations so all information is in one place and eases reporting. There is no charge for this. More information (video).

Participant Search

Full search capability for participants.

Participant Reports

Chose which fields to show. Do sorting by just clicking on a column in the table showing participants. Download into Excel or Google Docs.

Registration Period Report

See how many runners signed up during early bird, pre-registration, and post-registration in graphical and table format.

Financial Reports

The Financial Summary page contains both a high level snapshot of the finances for your race, as well as a number of ways to drill down into the data. Complete Financial Report Guide.

Daily Registration Report

View a downloadable report that shows daily details by event (5K and 10K, etc.) by: New Registrations, Refunds, Transfers In, Transfers Out, Deferred, Deleted, Net. More information.

Duplicate Entry Report

This is useful if you have a very large race and you are trying to provide extra customer service to help people who may have forgotten and signed up twice. It is available under Participant Reports. More information.

Other Reporting Options

Day of Week, Time of Day Reporting - See when runners are signing up for your race.

Participant City and State Report - See where your runners are coming from to run your race.

Gender and Age Reports - See who is coming to your race by age group as well as male/female. Graphical and table formats.

Giveaway Reports - See how many of each size shirt has been selected. This can help tremendously with figuring out what quantities to order.

Team/Group Reports - See how many people signed up for a team. We also have reports for Team Captains as well as Team Members.


“The website was easy to navigate. I liked that I could add custom features to my sign up form. Our race required an emergency contact, and I easily added that to my form. The reports were easy to use and very helpful. It definitely made my run a success!”

We offer a plethora of features that you can use to make sure your event is taken care of no matter what the requirement.


Whether you use our free webpage or already have your own, our widgets are fully customizable to get the same look and feel of your brand.

Race Page

Easily add important information right on your webpage, including videos and more!

Participant Info

Gather the information you need to make your event a success. We offer customized questions that can be for the entire event or a specific race.

Wildcard Replace Feature

While RunSignUp is primarily built for online registration for races, sometimes you have an event that is not quote a race. This feature allows you to replace all instances of the word 'Race' with 'Training Clinic' or 'Club Banquet' or anything geared more towards your event! More information.

Easy Set-up

“We were so impressed with how "user friendly" your website was. We barely tapped in to all of the resources offered, but RunSignUp was just perfect for us! Thank you!”

We strive to make everything simple with easy to use features.

5-Step Wizard

Get your race up and going quickly with our simple 5-step wizard. After finishing the wizard you can then go on to set lots and lots of options. More information.

Single or Multiple PDF Registration Forms

You can upload a PDF form to allow runners to register by mail.

If you have different paper registration forms for each event, we support you uploading them all. We want to make things easy for you and the runners, and if their preference is paper rather than online, that is fine with us. Whatever makes them happy!

Custom Registration Email to Runners

Automatic email with full confirmation is sent out that includes runner information, race information, and a Google Map with directions from the runner's home address to the race address.

In addition to the standard information from RunSignUp that gets emailed to runners signing up, you can also customize and add your own message to each email.

Date of Birth Option

Chose whether to require Date of Birth or not. This will automatically calculate the participants age on race day. There are many options like this so it's easy to minimize the amount of fields participants have to fill out.


“I've done a pretty thorough assessment of all the online registrars and you guys have the most straight-forward and elegant interface. Additionally, you have new technology. While (other companies) may have big marketing dollars and reach, for me to use the same interface that (they) built back in 2005 seems like a bad business decision. I know that your space is crowded, and I need a very good and flexible platform in order to scale the company. I need a partner. RunSignUp is that partner. :o)”

We can handle nearly any size race and a huge burst of traffic with our highly available multi-server architecture.


When dealing with online servers, redundancy is very important and you can never have too much! We have implemented state of the art monitoring and redundancy levels that will automatically take hung memcached servers out of rotation and fire up new ones. This means your race information will always be accessible! More information.

Cloud Technology

RunSignUp can easily handle large races. With our scalability features we handled 50,000 registrations in 7 minutes and 120,000 results lookups per minute.

Optimizations for Web Traffic

“Shortly after publishing, my race was on the first page in a Google search for snow shoe races. Overall, a happy experience.”

RunSignUp provides races with many ways to get the most traffic to their website.

Tracking Ad Conversion

We allow you to track conversions from Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Adroll, and Google Remarketing. More information.

Your Website

Nearly half of the traffic for registration on RunSignUp is coming through widgets that are on other websites. Having your own website is simply the best way to build YOUR brand and get awareness of YOUR race. Our widget technology allows this and it's also mobile friendly! More information.

Google Search

Almost 20% of our registrations originate from a natural Google search. Our page is optimized to give the best chance of being found by Google and ranked highly. We do things like optimize the URL, allow you to create your own URL, include appropriate tags and headers, and have the fastest and most scalable system, which Google ranks highly!


A fair amount of our registrations originate from Facebook. RunSignUp has developed a number of integration points with Facebook to ensure easy social sharing. Facebook pops up a chance to share their registration with friends every time someone registers for a race on RunSignUp. And a number of races are building RunSignUp registration right into their Facebook pages.


Provide over 20% of registration originations. There are a number of races calendars, like the leading countrywide RunningintheUSA, that list RunSignUp races. They, and over a dozen others, automatically sync races listed in RunSignUp into their calendar each week.

Google Analytics

Generate detailed statistics about traffic to your race website, traffic sources, and measure conversions and registrations.

Financial Tools

We offer a comprehensive way to view the financials of your event with these great options.

Financial Reporting Options

Some of our financial reports include the ability to track registration, donations, and store revenue. Track payments. All reports include data in table and graphical reporting.

Excel Payment Summary

Reconcile all the financial reports for your race or club. Our easy to download spreadsheet includes all of your payments nicely summarized. More information.

Payments for Multiple Races

Streamlined way to collect payments to a single entity across multiple races. More information.

Direct Payments

Customize when you receive your payments. Choose daily, weekly, or monthly! More information.

Year-Year Comparison Charts

View graphs to compare registrations from one year to the next! More information.

Robust Reports

Drill-down ability on each payment down to each runner, discount, coupon, donation, etc.

Full Transaction Detail

This feature gives the ability to click on a transaction ID and see the details behind the entire transaction. The RunSignUp team even uses this as it makes answering participant questions easier!

Advanced Features

“I used the kiosks at a small race this past weekend too. First time using it, everything went great. After walking the volunteers through a couple of registrations they picked it up easily, super easy to use.”

Take a look at a few of our key advanced features!

Online Race Day Registration

Improve the operation of your race and make things easy for your participants by using the race day registration kiosk. More information.


Handle 10's of thousands of registrations as soon as your event opens. Results can also be scaled to handle over 100,000 requests per minute. More information.

Set Specific Time for Registration to End

Allows you to keep registration open right up until the last minute. For example, leave registration open until 7:00pm the night before the race to minimize the number of race day registrations.

Multiple Events Per Race

Allows for as many events as you want for your race. For example a 5K, a 10K, and a Fun Run. Set pricing for each.

Giveaway Options

You can set anything to specify the options. S - M - L, or red - green, etc.

Default Waiver

Used by many races, or you can customize and edit your own waiver.

Upload Logo

You can upload your own logo to appear on the race webpages.

Race Series - Copy Races

Easily create a race series with the "Copy Race" button (video). This creates a complete copy of all of the information in a race, then just go in and set a new date. For example a summer series with weekly races every Wednesday night.

Renew Race

Simplifies listing the race next year. Just click a button and modify the date and your race is ready to register runners for the following year (video).

Maximum # of Participants

Set the maximum number of participants for your race. This can also automatically trigger a Wait List.

Custom Questions

Want to ask your runners custom questions? We have seen races use this for a variety of things. For example, "How many years have you run in this race?" or "How many miles per week do you train?" or "Emergency Contact", etc. Create as many questions as you like. Questions can also be asked on a per-Event basis - so ask your Marathon runners different questions than your 5K runners. Also you can set whether each runner is required to answer or not.

Event Add-Ons

Registration Add-Ons is for those items that are not giveaways but don't fit well with the store model. These items are non-refundable (unlike Store items). This is one of the attractive things about Add-ons from a Race Director perspective.

Club Membership Management

Manage your club with easy to use features like handling renewals, converting members to a family membership or removing them, cancelling or changing membership levels and more! More information.

Club Open API

We offer open API to include Club Membership access. This gives other software providers, as well as technologically advanced customers, access to Club Membership information directly from their application. More information.

Deferred Entries

Allow runners who might get injured or have a conflict to defer their entry until the following year.

Super and Sub Events

A Super Event is made up of multiple races, but packaged as one. A Sub Event is useful for starting waves. These features are great for multi-race events where participants can sign up for more than one event, or very large events that need to split up the starting line for logistical reasons. More information.

Advanced Features for Teams

RunSignUp fully supports teams for races.

Easily Create Teams

Allow runners to create and join their own teams. See this video for more information.

Runners Create and Sign Up for Teams

Runners can create their own teams and have others then join the team. This allows for full runner management. Each runner can pay his or her own fee for participation.

Runners can see which teams are available to signup for and join those teams. Captains are notified each time a new member joins the team and has the ability to accept or not accept that person on the team. See how runners can do this themselves in this video.

Team Categories

Set up team categories. For example all male or all female teams or co-ed teams. Or age based teams like 10 and under. Also set up the minimum and maximum number of people on a team - so a relay might require a minimum of 4 or 12, while a corporate challenge might limit the number to 5 or 7 or 25 runners per team.

Corporate Teams

Allows for a company or organization to pay for all or a portion of the entry fees for members of the team. The company then has the flexibility to pay all at once or as participants sign up for an event. Examples include the Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic and the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk. More information.

Group and Team Pricing

Encourage more participants to sign up together at one time or allow people to sign up separately and still be seen as a group or team! Choose from one of the four main types of pricing: Multi-Person SignUp Pricing, Participant Pricing for Group/Team Types, Group/Team Setup Fees, and Pre-Pay for Groups/Teams. More information.

Reserved Entries

Set up reserved entries as well as set a total cap for the number of teams allowed. This is useful for those cases where someone may have missed the cut off, but you need to let them sign up for the race and join a team. Another common example is for Relay Races - such as a Triathlon Relay. More information.

Team Bibs

Some teams races will have a single bib number for the entire team. For example, a Triathlon Relay team may all share the same bib number. This feature allows the addition for Bib Numbering at the team level. More information.

Participant Management

“I want to say a big thank you for all your help and let you know that our Show the Trail Who's Boss a great success thanks to your online registration. Everyone was really happy and it was so easy to keep up with our participants.”

Make your race a runner friendly race!


You can easily process refunds for a participant. RunSignUp charges a processing fee for this, and you can set an additional fee. You can also allow runners to self-administer refunds. More information.

Event Transfers

You can easily move a runner from one event to another. You can also set this up to allow runners to self manage this feature. More information.

Bib Exchange

You can easily transfer a bib from one runner to another runner - the system sends an email to the new runner so they go thru the signup process to make sure you get proper waiver confirmation and runner information. More information.

Race Caps

Set maximum number of participants per event.

Wait List

Wait List entries are automatically invited to take refunded participants slots. The Race Director has full control of enabling this capability with settings for dates and extra fees that may apply. More information.

Reserved Entries

Set up reserved spots for elite runners or for organizations like charity runners or sponsors.

Claim Membership Accounts

We offer a "Claim Account" capability. This allows a member that was uploaded with an e-mail address a method of claiming their account. More information.

Special Features for Runners

“This is a wonderful website. You're allowing of multiple entries for a single processing fee is a major bonus for families & friends wanting to run together without excess fees.”

Some cool features for your participants.

Signup Multiple People in a Single Transaction

Drastically lowers cost of processing fees for runners and saves on data entry and time.

Family Registration

Allows special pricing for a family with limits of how many. For example, set a family signup price of $50 for a family even when the regular per person fee is $25. Allow the family to register up to any limit you set.

Teams and Donations

Runners can set up their own teams and donation or fundraising pages.

Twitter and Facebook Integration

Makes it easy to share and invite friends to increase participation in your event.

15 Minutes to Cancel Registration

Gives runners the ability to cancel their registration if they made a mistake and get a refund and then try again. This greatly reduces errors that race directors usually have to get involved in resolving (we have found 7 out of 1,000 runners take advantage of this feature and go back and correct their own information).

Refunds & Transfers

If the race director enables it, runners can self administer their own refunds, event transfers, and bib exchanges. More information.

Email Confirmation with Directions!

We send a full confirmation email that includes all of the runner information, the race information as well as a nice Google map with directions from their home to the race location.

Low Transaction Fee

Saves runners money!

No Advertising or Spam!

Keeps the runner focused on what they came to do - signup for your race. We send one email when the participant registers, and will never send another e-mail to them, or share their information with any third party.

Secure Transactions Using Any Credit Card

We use a very secure method with a combination of SSL and redirect technology so that only our processing company sees the credit card number (it actually never passes through our systems). This gives us full PCI compliance.

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. Let the runners sign up with the card they want.

Account Management

We offer lots of features for users of our systems. And with the amount of features we have, we've even created a comprehensive Account Management Manual.

Finisher Certificates

With RunSignUp Results we can automatically generate Finisher Certificates. The certificate includes the participant's name, race name, finish time, place, and the logo for the race. More information.

Anonymous User Setting

Users can set themselves to be Anonymous when their name is displayed in either Participant Lookup or in Results. More information.

Donations Features

“Setup of the event was very easy and registration went well. The Donation piece worked extremely well. We had lots of participants also make a donation when registering for the race. It really helps a non-profit raise money for the cause.”

RunSignUp includes a complete donation capability that is easy for race directors to set up and administer. Also see this video for how to setup donations.

Accept Donations!

Ask each participant who registers if they want to make a donation during checkout.

Donation Webpage

A donation webpage (and widget that you can insert into your race website) is created that anyone can be directed to.

Donation Levels

Set your own donation levels. For example Gold is $100 and Silver is $25.

Donation Goals

Set goals for your donations - display a thermometer to show progress toward your goal.

Donor Scrolling List

Displays a scrolling list of donors.

Anonymous Donations

Donors can specify who their gift is in honor of, or they can make their donation anonymous.

Runner Fundraising

Allows runners to set up their own fundraising page. Other participant's can then chose to donate to their friends and family. Runners can set their own donation goals and display a thermometer and scrolling list of donors. Fundraisers can also display a picture, add a personal message, and set a custom URL (like More information.

Team Fundraising

Groups of runners can form teams and fundraise as a group and get their own custom webpage. Teams can set their own donation goals and display a thermometer and scrolling list of donors. More information.

Donation Reports

Enhanced reports include simplified summaries, multi-charity reports, analysis, search capabilities, and more. More information.

Thank You E-mails

Automatically e-mail those special donors to show your appreciation in helping your event.

Manual Entry

Donations can also be entered in manually to add to your running total for checks received.

Full Donation/Fundraiser Overview

Our Donation and Fundraising system is designed to meet the needs of our customers, make things intuitive for users, and keep things flexible to let each race tune the system to their unique needs. More information.

Marketing Your Race

“We got a lot of signups using your site and we will for sure use you again. Thanks so much. Our goal on our first time event was 1000 and we are at 1200.”

We make it easy to market your race to the masses.

Free E-Mail Marketing

Use our free email marketing service to communicate with runners. Either sending out promotions for signing up, or reminding runners of race day preparations. More information.


Races can promote themselves with Groupon and similar coupon sites. When runners buy their race entry from Groupon, they get a coupon code. The Race Director can download those codes and then upload to RunSignUp very easily. Watch this video for more information.

Facebook Page, Event and Newsfeed

Link to your own Facebook Page and/or Event. Your Newsfeed from those pages will appear on the RunSignUp Race Info page as well. This makes it easier to connect with runners. Facebook is also a good way to get runners engaged. Every registrant is offered a chance to share their registration with friends on Facebook when they complete checkout. Facebook is the source for 11% of all RunSignUp registrations - so sharing works!

Social Links

Every RunSignUp page makes it easy for runners to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, E-mail and others - letting them spread the word about your race.

Custom Coupons

Set up coupons for special discounts. For example, set discounts for sponsors, free entry for elite runners, promotion coupons in a running store, etc.

Set any combination of % off and/or $ off. For example, it could be $5 off plus 20% off.

Enable coupons over any date range. Set one coupon for early birds and one for later that is not as large for example.

Limit the use of coupons to a quantity (for example first 10 runners, or limit a sponsor to 20 free passes), to # of times a customer can use it, etc. Coupon Codes Manual.

Automatic Posting on other Websites

We have a growing Affiliate Program that will list your race automatically on sites like RunningintheUSA.

Online Store

Add online ordering capability to your race. Some of the examples we have seen this used for are selling a race jacket where there is a cut-off to order 1 month before the race so the specific jackets can be ordered and printed. Another interesting use case was someone selling shirts from the previous year for $5 each. And of course selling tickets for your pre-race pasta dinner!

Set Your Own Preferences

Create your own description for sizing. Upload your own images for your store and show the customer what they are ordering. Set the maximum quantity for the items in the online store; Make sure you do not get too many orders, or that one person does not order all the items you have in stock. Set a start and end date for ordering. This makes it easy to get all orders collected in time for order fulfillment.

Order Management

See all orders right in your inbox. As you ship your items, archive them to keep your orders in order!

Simple Order Cancel

We will take care of refunding the customer. However, there is a $0.50 charge for this service since the credit card companies charge us.

Put the Store On Your Website

If you have your own race website, use our simple widget technology to put the store right on your own website.

Registration Add-Ons

Easily customize the race registration process by allowing participants to purchase add-ons to their registration. Since giveaways are limited to one choice per registrant and the store doe not ask each participant if they want the item in a multi-participant registration, this feature is just right for many circumstances! More information.

Sales Tax

We provide a number of mechanisms for races to collect Sales Tax - for add-on items, store items, or registration fees. More information.


“Once I got used to your format it was very easy. At first I had some trouble with where to find or enter what, but the learning was fast. I now prefer your site to I have recommended you to other race directors in our running club. Your lower rates make it possible for the race to pay the fees - which the entrants like. I had no complaints from entrants on the sign up process. Overall, a happy experience.”

Everything dealing with the bottom dollar!

Multiple Registration Periods

Set different pricing for each period. For example $20 before April 1, $25 before June 1, and $30 before race day.

Age-Based Pricing

Set pricing for specific age ranges. For example runners under 18 or over 65 might get a different price.

Group-Based Pricing

Set pricing for groups. For example a group of 4 runners might get a lower price.

USATF and Other Discounts

Many races are connected with the USATF, which offers members a $2 discount for USATF affiliated races. We make this simple to track and administer - either by coupons, or by a more public discount option. This can be used for other discounts as well. Watch this video for more information.

Allow Custom Pricing for Giveaways

This feature allows the ability to charge for "upgraded" giveaways. For example an XXL shirt, or perhaps a Tech T-Shirt rather than a cotton T-Shirt.

Processing Fee Flexibility

Set the runner, the race, or the runner and race split of the processing fee 50-50.

Race Administration

“Thanks for running a seamless online registration process for my race. I really like your site and plan to stay with it exclusively moving ahead.”

Everything you need to stay on top of things from start to finish.

Edit Participant Information

This is convenient for when a runner enters wrong information and sends a follow-up email asking to have their age corrected.


You can easily process refunds for a participant. RunSignUp charges a processing fee for this, and you can set an additional fee. You can also allow runners to self-administer refunds. Watch this video for more information.

Runner Transfers

You can easily move a runner from one event to another. You can also set this up to allow runners to self manage this. Watch this video for more information.

Bib Exchange

You can easily transfer a bib from one runner to another runner - the system sends an email to the new runner so they go through the signup process to make sure you get proper waiver confirmation and runner information. Watch this video for more information.

Track Multiple Races

Easily manage multiple races and see quick view reports that show participants this year compared to last year.

Multiple Race Directors

Allows multiple people full access to edit and update a race and have full access to participant information.

Timer Sharing of Participants

Give your timer access to downloading your participants to their timing system, as well as posting results on your webpage easily and securely.

Custom Directions to Your Race

Not only do we give participants a Google Map of the address of your event, but we also give you the option to add custom text to go along with the address. This is particularly usefull to add a note like "Registration is as the concession stand at the stadium" or "Check-in is at the shelter next to the playground."

Participant Caps

Set limits on a particular event. We even have the ability to hide remaining spots until a certain threshold is met. For example, you could show the number of spots available only when there are 100 or fewer spots left!

Race Access

Grant certain access rights to timers, staff, or volunteers to help with your event. We offer the following types of information sharing: Race Director Access, Timer Partner Access, Timer Limited Access, Check-In and Editing of Participants, No Financial Access, Manage Store Orders Only, and Uploading Results. More information.

Expo Mode

Simplify registration during expos with our Expo Mode feature. More information.

Widget Technology

“Your site provided me a simple web-based application for pre-registering for the race reducing the amount of labor that would be needed otherwise. As we are a volunteer-based organization, you can imagine the relief it is to reduce the labor.”

Seamlessly incorporate our services right on your own website.

On Your Website

Embed online registration right on your own website with our widget technology. This is very similar to embedding YouTube videos on another website. See an example here: Learn How To embed a widget in this video.

Other Widgets

Just a few of the widgets that we offer include race information, race registration, registration lookup, race store, race donation, race results, top referrers, runner profile, calendars, and more.

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Dec 12th, 2017
Help Wanted – Sales Rep in Richmond

Yes, we are growing and hiring again! We are looking for a Sales Representative to join our fast growing company. The ideal candidate has experience working in inside sales in a high volume, fast paced environment. We are looking for a person to join our sales team who is fast-learning and self-motivated. This is a … Continue reading "Help Wanted – Sales Rep in Richmond"

What Our Customers Say:

“You guys are a pretty good sized company now, but it doesn’t seem that way…if I have a question, I need something, I pick up the phone, I talk to someone right away, and boom, it’s done.”

- Todd Henderlong, T&H Timing