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Large Races

RunSignUp's Large Race capabilities were designed for, and with the collaboration of, many of the races we work with.

Large Races

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More Services for Large Races

  • Multi-Day Races: RunSignUp makes it easy to offer multiple races, on multiple days. You can include all your events together to make it simple for runners to sign up, and for Race Directors to access reports.
  • Super and Sub Events: Super Events, in which multiple races are packaged as one, allow the Race Director to see registrants of multiple events as both a single registrant, and a participant of multiple events. On the other hand, you can use Sub Events to separate your runners and create effective race waves for Large Races.
  • Sharing Access: A large race requires the manpower to match. We’ll make it easy for you to share access to all your race and participant data, or customize who can access specific information.
  • Loyalty Program for Priority Registrants: Reward previous participants with early access to registration. Use a simple list upload and set your events to be open only to those participants. See the setup and results of the Loyalty Program by the Boilermaker Road Race. Want other ways to provide rewards in registration? Offer Credit Card Discounts, or thank your Sponsors or partners by providing an Affiliate Discount. See how the Space Coast Marathon uses the Loyalty program to phase registration over a few days.
  • Sellout Race Options and Best Practices: For sellout races, we offer a variety of options, including a straight-forward first-come, first-serve, previous runner priority registration, a lottery system, or a combination of options. No matter which avenue you choose, clear communication with your runners is key!
  • Mobile Registration Capabilities: With over 42% of runners registering from a mobile device, RunSignUp’s clean, simple user interface allows your runners to learn about your race and register with speed and ease. Check out a little more about your user’s Mobile experience.
  • Kiosk Check-In: Utilize Chromebooks, tablets, and laptops for seamless check-in of a large number of runners.
  • Bib Assignment: RunSignUp’s flexible bib assignment helps you to manage bib handout at multiple locations and times, and automatically syncs bib assignments for your Timer.
  • Teams: Increase your race participation with Competitive Teams, Corporate Teams, and Fundraising Teams. Want to do more Fundraising? Offer multiple charity options to your registering runners.
  • Auto-detect Registrants Trying to Register Again: Prevent runners from double-registering (automatically).


Our race results system is free, with easy uploading and full compatibility with Race Director, RunScore, and similar formats. We give you a clean look, searchable results, and results notifications for your runners.


Participant Management

RunSignUp minimizes the workload for you, the Race Director, with self-service options for waitlist integration, refunds, event transfers, and bib exchanges.


Volunteer System

Organize your volunteers and volunteer tasks within the RunSignUp system. The Volunteer System is built to accommodate races of all sizes, from 50 runners to 20,000+, and is free to use.

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What Our Customers Say:

“We just take an assumptive approach: if you’re going to work with us then, our preferred and exclusive online registration company is RunSignUp. It just makes life so much easier.”

- Bob Baney, 3 Way Racing