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RunSignUp Partner Program


What's Included?

Partner Program

The RunSignUp Partner Program is designed for timers that manage multiple races per year and want to provide their races a higher level of service. to find out if you qualify for the Partner Program.

  • Share in Processing Fees: Earn a 20% revenue share of the processing fees for each of your races.
  • Enable Multi-Level Access and Control of Races: Designate Race Director controls to individual or multiple races, and customize the level of access for each Race Director.
  • Consistent Race Template: Create a Race Template for ease of use and consistency across races.
  • Enhanced Partner Reporting: Access participant and financial reports either as a whole, or divided by race.
  • Multi-level Email Marketing: Utilize Email Marketing to reach the participants of individual races, or all participants across all races.
  • Host Registration on your website: Host registrations directly your website using RunSignUp widgets. Keep registration user friendly, consistent, and free of ads and spam.
  • Access all Races from a Partner Dashboard: See quick aggregate totals across all race and have the option to designate levels of access to different people across all races (instead of on a per-race basis).

Check out our Timer Program Overview.

Data Access and Sharing

RunSignUp makes it easy for Timers and Race Directors to share access and editing capabilities for all participant data. This allows you, the Timer, to check on registration and race information without relying on the Race Director as a middle man.


Integration with Timing Software

We make it as easy as possible for timers by using our Open API to integrate directly with RunScore, The Race Director, and Agee Timing Software. This includes two-way data syncing and near-real-time results uploading and notification capabilities.