RunSignUp Go: Race Day Solutions

What's Included?

RunSignUp Go

RunSignUp Go takes the hassle out of Race Day.

  • Race Day Registration: Cut labor and save time with online registration, kiosk and mobile registration, and real-time syncing with timer software.
  • Bib Assignment: Flexible, pre-assigned bib assignment options allow for multiple pickup locations, and eliminate the scramble to locate a missing bib.
  • Free Race Day or Expo Check-In App: Keep your lines moving with real-time check-in with pre-assigned or dynamic bib assignment, and searchable participant lists that keep all giveaway and add-on details (like t-shirt sizes) at your fingertips. Use a scanner and the barcodes in your confirmation emails for faster Race Day check-in.
  • Participant Editing: Maintain the ability to make changes to participant data (including bib numbers) all the way through race day—and automatically sync those changes with your Timer’s timing software. Use the Quick Change Event for simple Race Day updates.
  • Results, Notifications, Videos and Photos: Utilize RunSignUp's free results and multi-platform Results Kiosk App to provide runners with fast, convenient access to accurate results. Take it further with tracking and notifications and link up with one of our tech partners to provide more results, videos, and photo solutions. See notifications in action at McGuire's St Patricks Day Race.
  • Video Results: Excite your runners by linking your results to video of your runners finishing. We also have a How-To to help you set up your video results, and Video Results tips from RunSignUp and from a Race Director who has tested them.

See RunSignUp Go in Action

Kiosk in Use

Trying to envision your new Race Day? Here’s a little more detail.

Kiosks and Mobile

Why use kiosks? They minimize required data entry, reduce errors, and ensure that your Timer can download everyone’s information immediately.

Step 1: Check out our “How-To” to learn about setting up your Kiosk Mode.

Step 2: Prepare for your Kiosk setup by exploring the experiences of Graffiti Run and The Run Thru the Woods.

Real-Time, Dynamic Bib Assignment

RunSignUp’s bib assignment allows volunteers on race day to check in runners, and assign them bibs right there. This enables you to distribute bibs before the race and on race day, and to change or update bib assignments as needed… all while automatically validating your Bib Numbers, and keeping all your Timer's information intact.

See how easy Bib Assignment and Handout can be.

RunSignUp Partners

Tie into RunSignUp partners for some of your specialty needs with results, photos, and videos. Partners who can improve your Race Day include: RaceJoy, Athlinks, Xact, RunScore Results, and My-Finish.

Want us to walk you through all of it? Here’s an overview of how all the pieces of your Race Day come together.

Rotpac Racing Case Study

Rotpac Racing utilizes the integration between Race Director & RunSignUp for an expedient process on Race Day.


Tomoka Marathon Case Study

The Tomoka Marathon shares their experience with Race Day notifications and live results, all with RunSignUp as a central data point for all information.


Southwest Café Margarita 5K Case Study

The Southwest Café Margarita 5K tested out the Free Check-In App and reports back on it's efficient, super-smooth process.

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What Our Customers Say:

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- Michelle and James Bettis, 3W Races