RaceJoy Ready Your Race!


Offer RaceJoy's real-time runner tracking, GPS-based progress alerts at every mile and cheer sending! No additional equipment is required. All we need is an accurate electronic course map (GPX or KML file). Click Get Started below and follow the prompts.

What the race receives:

  • Most advanced form of runner/cyclist tracking available
  • Race day monitoring system
  • Social media promotion
  • Race operations tracking and communication
  • Sponsor advertising
  • News alert system
  • And so much more...

You will receive an email notification that your race is live in RaceJoy and then you can begin letting your participants know that your race is in RaceJoy. The more a race promotes RaceJoy in multiple touch points, the higher the usage.

We require a minimum of two weeks to complete the RaceJoy Ready process. Participants must carry their phone and activate tracking on race day.

Important: Make sure to adjust your map here in RunSignup's Dashboard, if you have any course map changes.

We offer flexible options to choose from:

1. Processing Fee Participant Buyout: Free to the race. All participants pay fee upon registering ($0.50/registrant for race courses 10K and longer and $0.25/registrant for race courses under 10K). Note: Available for events that include at least one 10K or greater distance course option. Less than 10K events can choose the flat buyout option below.

2. Race Buyout: Price varies per race (see chart below). Free to unlimited participants and spectators. Perfect for showcasing a select sponsor or sponsors.

Event Size Under 10K Distance 10K to 50 Mile Distance
Up to 3,000 $350 $750
Up to 10,000 $950 $1,500
Up to 15,000 $1,750 $3,000

* Call for events with greater than 50 mile distances and more than 15,000 participants.

RaceJoy Features

RaceJoy's features bring new dimension to a race for participants, spectators and race organizers.

For Participants and Spectators

Live GPS Phone Tracking

Real-time tracking of up to 50 participants moving along your official interactive course map.

GPS-Based Progress Alerts

Progress updates sent to participants and spectators typically sent at every mile, that include the participants' elapsed time, pace and estimated finish time.


Encouraging pre-recorded cheers and custom text-to-cheer messages that are sent real-time to race participants.

NearMe and MeetUp

NearMe alerts sent when a participant is near, and MeetUp mapping helps locate participants on race grounds.

For Race Organizers / Timers

Race Day Monitoring

Provides organizers with ability to track participants and race operations live from a web console and access to information to information, such as how many runners have passed certain milestones on the course, to help manage race day operations. Includes Off Course Alerts, participant route replay feature, and instant direct communication with participants.

Sponsor Advertising

Recognize a sponsor with every progress alert, banner ads, social media and any news alerts issued.

Race Operations Tracking & Communication

Track the location of key race operations like the Lead and Tail vehicle and easily communicate with RaceJoy's Text-to-Cheer feature.

Social Media Promotion

Powerfully promote the race and/or sponsor with custom progress alerts and user in-app postings to Facebook and Twitter.

News Alert System

Communicate instantly with an engaged audience and use as part of your emergency response plan.

Mobile Results

Deliver scored results instantly through RaceJoy when using RunSignup's Race Day Results.

Race Site Display

Display live tracking of participants to large screen at the race site.

Race participants need to carry their phone. No additional equipment is required.

Sponsor Benefits

Recognize a single sponsor for offering live tracking and cheers or increase exposure for multiple sponsors within RaceJoy with the buyout option. In-app advertising in RaceJoy means your sponsors are reaching a highly engaged audience of runners, walkers and all of their supporting family and friends - locally, nationally, and globally.

Buyout options include unlimited linkable banner ads located on the race's main page in RaceJoy. You an also recognize a specific sponsor with RaceJoy's custom GPS alerts at every mile and Facebook and Twitter postings - creating thousands of impression moments and a significant value for the sponsor. You can easily recognize a sponsor using out Custom Options section after purchasing the buyout.

Download a Flyer to promote RaceJoy to your Sponsors

Drive Usage in RaceJoy

Promotion of RaceJoy is key! Letting people know that your race has live runner tracking and cheers with RaceJoy is key for creating usage for your race. By letting your participants know your race is RaceJoy Ready through multiple touchpoints, you will increase usage for your race. We can help with this!

Download the RaceJoy Promotional Toolkit

For additional information, please visit the RaceJoy Website and examples of races offering RaceJoy. We look forward to changing the race experience with you!

Why RaceJoy?

Live GPS Phone Tracking: Real time tracking with interactive map.

GPS-Timed Progress Alerts: At every mile!

Send-a-Cheer: Encouraging pre-recorded and custom text-to-cheer messages to runners.

Race Day Monitoring System: Track and communicate with race operations and participants.


Sponsor Recognition in RaceJoy

Unlimited linkable banner ads

Customizable GPS-based progress alerts

Branding and custom messages for participants' Facebook and Twitter posts

A real-time, interactive social experience translates to a highly engaged audience for your Sponsors

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