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Race Results

What's Included?

Race Results

RunSignUp Results do more than just give you a fresh new look:

  • Clean, easy to read layout and font, with drag and drop columns to make the results appear as you want.
  • Easily sortable columns (just click on them!)
  • Google-like search functions to find results by first or last name, or bib number.
  • Auto-calculated, age-based grading and pace.
  • With Results 3.0, quick widget for embedding Results in Race & Timer websites.
  • Results Kiosk options for faster viewing and searching
  • Automated phone or email results notifications available to runners and their friends and family. Free for races using RunSignUp for registration, and available to non-RunSignUp races with a low-cost pricing structure.
  • Easy upload of full results to RunSignUp through full compatibility with the native CSV of The Race Director, RunScore, or custom systems that output a similar format.

Check out how the Spring Lake 5 Miler and Elite Racing Systems featured RunSignUp Results right on their website.

See How Simple RunSignUp Results Are

Check out how easy it is to upload individual results or preformatted results… and how easy it will be for your runners to view your posted results.

Want to help your timer with results posting? Learn more about the basics of integration with timing software or view the the RunScore integration in detail, and point them to the Results Posting API.

Results notifications ensure your runners are informed of their times… and encourage a greater community to interact with your race by allowing family and friends to track runners. The best news? Notifications are easy for you to set up, easy for runners and friends to request, and can be customized for your event. We’ll walk you through the process.


Large Race Solutions

RunSignUp has technology solutions to allow large races to operate smoothly. We have site scalability to handle 50,000 registrations in 7 minutes, and services to manage participant transfers, refunds, and waitlists.


RaceJoy Tracking

Offer a "big race" experience with the most advanced form of tracking, progress updates and cheer sending. Take advantage of an informative, interactive race day monitoring system and in-app sponsor advertising.

From Our Blog:
Jan 17th, 2018
Partner Results Widget Update

We have made a nice little addition to the Results Widget, with the option to add a custom button at the bottom with a link. This is useful for timers who are moving to RunSignUp, but may have legacy results on another website or there may be another website with other results. Create a Widget... Continue Reading →

Jan 17th, 2018
Volunteer Email Tags

We have added the following tags to volunteer email communication: %TIME_SLOT% %TASK_LOCATION% %TASK_INFORMATION%

What Our Customers Say:

“One of the great things about RunSignUp are the reports that are offered – the sponsors love that.”

- Michelle Langevin, Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run / Walk