Timers are the Lifeblood of the Endurance Industry

With timer-specific tools, you’ll want to use RunSignup for all your races!

Data Access & Sharing

RunSignup makes it easy for timers and race directors to share access and editing capabilities for all participant data. This allows you, the timer, to check on registration and race information without relying on the race director as a middle man.

Integration with Timing Software

We make it as easy as possible for timers by using our Open API to integrate directly with RunScore, The Race Director, and Agee Timing Software. This includes two-way data syncing and near-real-time results uploading and notification capabilities.

Partner Program

Do you manage more than 10 races per year, or a race with over 5,000 participants? Our Partner Program is designed to help you manage multiple events with a higher level of service, and revenue-sharing options.

Timing Software

We have the technology that you need on RaceDay

The Race Director

The Race Director has been one of the two leading timing, scoring, and results tools in the market for over 20 years. The highly functional and stable software product has an open approach that connects to all major chip timing equipment and integrates with multiple registration & results platforms.

RaceDay Scoring

The next generation of The Race Director will give timers an open, modern platform that works with any timing system. In Beta in 2018, and shipped with The Race Director so timers can dual score to gain familiarity and provide feedback.

RunScore Results

Take advantage of the RunSignup integration with RunScore by using RunScore Results. If you know how to produce local results reports with RunScore, you can intuitively upload results to the web and push notifications to runners and friends.

Agee Race Timing

Timers utilizing Agee Race Timing software can capitalize on a comprehensive integration with RunSignup. The Agee integration allows for race creation to originate in either RunSignup or Agee Race Timing Software.

ChronoTrack & Athlinks Partnership

RunSignup, Athlinks, and ChronoTrack are partnering to provide customers with new pricing and packaging bundles and significant benefits. Save time and money with integrated solutions for timing chips and results.

SignUp Kiosk and CheckIn Apps

Keep RaceDay moving with apps for SignUp & CheckIn

Free CheckIn App

We designed our Free CheckIn App for one reason: make packet pickup faster, smoother, more accurate, and less chaotic… regardless of the strength (or existence of Internet connection).

Waiver Verification Signing

With flexible settings for waiver signing authentication, email notifications for waivers set to "sign later" and easy reporting for unsigned waivers, our waiver options give you the tools to protect yourself.


Our RaceDay CheckIn apps will automatically sync in the background when they have a connection to the internet, keeping your databases in sync across multiple devices so you don’t have to worry about downloading or uploading data.

PCI Compliant Credit Card Swipers

Specially encrypted RaceDay USB Card Swipers meet rigorous PCI security requirements so that the only place where the data can be decrypted is on the RunSignup Servers. Rest assured, your participant’s credit card information is safe and secure.

Bib & Corral Assignment

Bib assignment and easy-print bib labels to help make RaceDay prep easier

Manual, Automatic, or Dynamic Bib Assignment

Assign bib numbers in RunSignup. Auto-assign, manually assign, import, or access it through our API. Timers can use dynamic bib assignment at packet pickup to reduce chip costs.

Bib Printing, labeling and Team Assignment

Race directors and timers now have the ability to easily print out on Avery 5160 type labels. There is flexibility on selecting what information to display and how on the labels.

Configure Corrals by Time, Size or a Combination

Get your runners organized with flexible corral management options. Assign your corrals by estimated time, number of runners, or a combination of the two, with the ability to auto-assign corral during registration, wait to assign until a later date, or let participants select their own corral.

Tools for Corral Estimation

Use the Corral Estimation Tool to quickly ascertain the optimal way to divide your runners. Use the tools either to determine the estimated size of each corral or to determine the time range for corrals based on a set corral size (based on current registrant’s times).

Results, RaceDay Photos & Finisher Certificates

Add value to your race with our free race photo platform, searchable results, and customizable finisher certificates

Bulk Photo Upload and Free Unlimited Photos

Draw traffic to your RunSignup race website (or widget on your site) with photos hosted and ready to share. Have a a company sponsor a photographer and put their logo on all photos. Photo uploads are free and unlimited so tell your photographers to snap away!

Auto-Bib Photo Tagging with Google Vision

Limit manual labor with auto-bib tagging via Google Vision. Just upload your photos, wait a few minutes, and Google will get you started on tagging runners. Google Vision has about 75% accuracy, and does better with 4-digit bib numbers; you are still able to correct any missing or wrong bib numbers manually.

Live Leaderboard

Multiple live leaderboard links are automatically generated for all races, giving you a simple and easy way to display recent or top finishers on a large display.

Searchable Results, Mobile-Friendly Viewing and Video Results

RunSignup’s result pages are searchable, mobile friendly, and can be enhanced with Video Results if you have uploaded your finish line video to YouTube, directly linking to the moment in the video when each participant finishes!

RaceJoy Tracking

Connect spectators with participants to create a one-of-a-kind experience

Real-time GPS Phone Tracking

Real time GPS tracking of participants allows spectators to track up to 50 people on an interactive map as they travel the official course.

Course Map

Develop interactive course map(s) with custom course markers.

Spectator Cheer Sending

Extend the spectator support at your event with RaceJoy’s cheer-sending capability. Friends and family can send pre-recorded messages or custom text-to-cheer messages in audio format to participants at any time - from the sidelines, or from another state!

Race Operations Tools

Track your race operations team in real time, and have eyes all over your course with live race day monitoring of participants and participant relays with off-course alerts.

Manage Multiple Races with Ease

Join the RunSignup Partner Program for flawless management of multiple races.