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What's Included?


USA Triathlon Integration: We have worked with USA Triathlon to create an integrated registration process that makes it simple for triathletes to sign up fora race and use or get a USAT membership. The registration process is fully integrated with a singe checkout, and options for validating an existing membership in real-time, purchasing a single day/race or yearly Membership, renewing a yearly Membership, or upgrading a membership. The Waiver process conforms to USAT requirements. Watch the video How-To on the USAT-RunSignUp Integration.

  • USAT Insurance: Triathletes are generally required to demonstrate proof of insurance through USAT. RunSignUp offers full integration with USAT’s API to allow for easy verification of insurance, and allow triathletes to purchase their insurance directly from USAT during the registration process. See the integration process in detail.
  • USAT Waivers: In addition to insurance, our integration with USAT helps streamline and automate the process of collecting waiver signatures.
  • Results Splits: Splits take on a greater importance with Triathlons, as athletes look to compare the various legs of the race. We can make that easier. for more information about setting up Splits for your race.
  • Teams: Triathlons often utilize competitive teams, or offer relay teams for specialized Triathlon events. RunSignUp makes it easy for triathletes to create teams, and easy for you to view compressed team reports and ensure that the teams meet the requirements of your race. Check out the streamlined RunSignUp Teams 2.0 to start building your teams!


Our race results system is free, with easy uploading and full compatibility with Race Director, RunScore, and similar formats. We give you a clean look, searchable results, and results notifications for your runners.


Large Race Solutions

RunSignUp has technology solutions to allow large races to operate smoothly. We have site scalability to handle 50,000 registrations in 7 minutes, and services to manage participant transfers, refunds, and waitlists.


RunSignUp Go

Take the headache out of Race Day registration with paperless, time-efficient kiosk and mobile options. Keep your day running smoothly with a simple CheckIn system, and real time, flexible bib assignment.

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Oct 22nd, 2018
Shopify Integration – Inventory Syncing

We have done an extension to our first release of integrating with Shopify that automatically syncs inventory levels with Shopify. This enables current inventory to always show appropriately in both the Shopify Shop and as a race Add-on, which saves time and customer frustration. In addition to updating Shopify when an Add-on order is placed... Continue Reading →

Oct 18th, 2018
Webinar Recap: Swag Rewards

100% of RunSignUp employees recommend using our Referral tools to promote your event. The latest installment of our RunSignUp Webinar Series dropped yesterday, with Technical Account Manager Natallie Young taking attendees through the steps to setup, promote, and capitalize on a Swag Rewards program. Natallie is a staunch advocate that every  race should be using Swag... Continue Reading →

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- Terry Lewis, RS Racing Systems