What We Do

RunSignUp.com is designed to make life easier for Race Directors and Runners. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us at info@RunSignUp.com.

For Race Directors, we provide a simple way for you to create a race webpage and allow runners to signup for your race. Some of the features we offer:

  • Simple and fast wizard to create a race.
  • Your own Race webpage (that is search engine friendly!).
  • Default Waiver.
  • Your race webpage has a simple URL that stays the same from year to year.
  • Upload your own logo as well as full pdf race brochure (yes, runners can print off your brochure and not have to use the on-line signup)
  • Easy download of race registrations to Excel.
  • Low processing fees for runners - $2.00 races $10 and under. $2.50 for any race between $10 and $30. $3.00 for races between $30 and $50. Simple 6% processing fee on races above $50.00.
  • Simple contracts that protect runner registration information and prohibit spam and advertising.
  • Full payment of race registration fees collected upon completion of your event.

We also have a race widget that you can place on your own website so runners can register while remaining on your website. You can also enable this widget to be displayed on other websites as well - this makes race registration as simple and direct as possible for runners.

For Runners, we provide a very simple, secure and quick way to register for races.

  • Low processing fee.
  • No spam or advertising policy (no, we won't ask you to subscribe to magazines).
  • Optional registration – you do not need to create an account or password if you do not want to.
  • Simple Printable Race Page
  • Convenient Google Map Directions from your location to race location.