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HodeyHo Homeschool walking for water
We read a book and now we want to help

gives a family of four daily access to clean water for many years to come


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Water can make all the difference

Imagine you are a kid living in South Sudan. It’s about 120 degrees fahrenheit and the only water you have is the diseased mucky water from the pond that is nearly 4 miles away. Girls can’t go to school because they have to walk to the pond two times each day. Many people have suffered from sickness and death because of this water.

We read a book called A Long Walk To Water. It was about Salva Dut. He was born in South Sudan. Civil war turned him into a refugee as a young boy. He was separated from his family and had to walk across 3 countries to make it to refugee camps. After years of days spent walking and surviving he made to America through a foster program. Years later he learned his father was sick in South Sudan. He was able to visit him and found out it was the unclean water that was making him sick. Salva started the organization Water for South Sudan to build wells that bring fresh, clean water to villages all across South Sudan.

With access to fresh water, health is improved and children are able to go to school because they don't have to spend all of their time walking to water. Markets are able to form as well because people don't have to move around so much to get water. 

By donating money to waterforsouthsudan.org you can help improve and save lives.  We are participating in a fundraiser; we are going to walk 29 miles by December 31, to raise money. We chose to walk 29 miles because that is how far girls have to walk every week just to get water. You can donate money to our group, or you can join our group and walk with us! Donate to or join the HodeyHo Homeschool and save lives! 

Meet Nyaluak. She is a student of the Zogolona Primary School in South Sudan. Before a well was drilled in her village, she spent her days walking to collect water for her family. Nyaluak did not have time for education.

The well was drilled three years ago, and now that Nyaluak doesn't need to walk for water, she gets to attend school. Water for South Sudan built a latrine (i.e., toilet facility) for the school in 2018, and now Nyaluak and her classmates are flourishing! World Food Programme saw the success of the latrine and began providing monthly food distributions for the students. The Peace Corps came and repaired several older classrooms, and UNICEF donated sports equipment for the students to enjoy.

Water is life. Direct access to it isn't just a lifesaver—it's a game changer that means women can spend more time caring for their children or starting small businesses to support their families. Girls can attend school...and educated girls can change a nation. The health and economy of entire communities can improve—with schools, markets, and health clinics springing up around the basic necessity of a clean water source. And the young nation of South Sudan can take its place in the world.

We are walking to provide clean water to some of the world's most vulnerable people. Consider joining us by donating today! It's fast and secure, and you will be watering the seeds of change in South Sudan.


Thank you so much for your support!

Water for South Sudan delivers direct, transformative, and sustainable quality-of-life service to the people of South Sudan by efficiently providing access to clean, safe water and improving hygiene and sanitation practices in areas of great need. 

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