Run For It Charity Partner

Kickin' Parkinsons


Raised of $50,000


Charity Runner Perks & Incentives:

✓ Unique & limited edition Run For It race t-shirt.
✓ Prime starting location on race day in the “Charity Corral” positioned directly behind
Seeded Runners and Corral D.
✓ Access to air conditioned restrooms race morning in Champions Square.
✓Parkinson's team race tshirt and CCC Charity Runner shirt
✓Access to Kickin Parkinson's Post-race party with Bloody Mary bar, snacks and Lucky Dog hot dogs

But the best reason is the story behind Kickin’ Parkinson’s…

When Quentin Dastugue, a CEO and former legislator was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease seven years ago, his first step was to research and apply for clinical trials, which lead him to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  He realized that with 60,000 new cases of PD diagnosed each year in the United States, he could play a vital role in empowering his fellow PD patients and their families- and speeding a cure.  It became clear that the Michael J Fox Foundation was the most progressive in driving research for both a cure and for medical therapies to assist those living with the disease.

 With the support of their daughters, family, friends and fellow PD patients,  he and his wife, Penny, formed Kickin’ Parkinson’s, a Team Fox  and launched the first fundraiser. In the last four years, Kickin’ Parkinson’s has raised over $1,400,000 earning them a top 5 spot out of almost 3,000 Team Fox grass roots organizations in the country.  In addition, a scholarship program was developed by KP committee members Steve and Kirsten Reisig in honor of Steve’s father, who lived with Parkinson’s Disease.  They have also honored caregivers, spoken  to local support organizations about the latest research and findings as a member of the MJFF Patient Council  and gives daily of his time and knowledge to other newly diagnosed families. Now, with a Committee of twenty-eight community leaders the efforts have become year-round, including a “Kickin’ Party” on the Northshore, a craft beer festival  and as Crescent City Classic Charity Partner in New Orleans for the 4th year. 

In our first 4 years as a CCC Charity Partner, we recruited over 260 runners, had a great time during the race and after party and raised almost $140,000. Please consider joining our Kickin’ Parkinson’s  Team and help us race to a cure of Parkinson’s!

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$50 on behalf of Chad Jenkins
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$5 on behalf of Robert Decker

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