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The Woman Behind the Curtain  - Liz O'Toole

Are you one of the 4,000 people who follow us on Facebook or Instagram? Have you ever wondered who creates all of those posts and also responds to your Facebook questions? Do you also wonder who this mysterious person is that sends you "Welcome to FRC" emails when you join our great club? Well that person is our Membership Coordinator/Social Media Manager Elisabeth O’Toole! Liz is a school teacher by day and during her spare time here and there, is the Wizard of FRC! We are so lucky to have her serving on our board as well as one of our trail run hosts. Her daily social media posts are so positive and encouraging, and really one of the things that make the Fayetteville Running Club such an inviting group to follow. I am happy to be pulling back that curtain to present to you our newest FRC Member Spotlight, Liz O’Toole!Image

FRC is my favorite thing about living in this area. Not because of the running, but because I have met some amazing people who have become wonderful friends. The friendships are so much more valuable than the miles I’ve run.
Since my first FRC run, a Manic Monday meetup at Hope Mills Park, I’ve run a 50k, a marathon, 2 30ks, a couple 25ks, over a dozen half marathons, and many other shorter races. I’m currently training for a 25k, 30k, and 50k. I started running on the road, but now I do most of my runs on trails.Image

I started on the trails in 2015, when Chris hosted the Smith Lake Winter Trail Challenge. Now, Shawn and I have been hosting the trail meetups on Saturdays for three years. Hosting is the best. Not only does it ensure that I get out to the trails every Saturday, but I also get to introduce new trail runners to the excitement and fun. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be hosting trail runs and training for a 50k? Haha! I would have laughed until I cried.

I only run 3 times a week. It works best for me and my body. I also lift weights and practice yoga. I swear by cross training. Lifting has helped me run farther and faster and to recover quickly. The lifting has also helped me stay strong when other racers are slowing down. I’m not fast, but passing people in the second half of races is an excellent ego boost.
The more I run, the better I get at running. This doesn’t mean faster. I’ve learned more about what I need to do to be successful and how to meet my goals. So in the heat, I take walk breaks to stay cool. I focus oImagen the distance or time on my feet more than on the pace.

My dog Olivia likes to run with me, and she really loves to come out to the trail meetup to see all her best friends. She is a great partner in the cold weather, but she just can’t hang in the heat.
A few years ago, I took the position of social media manager for the club. I do all of the Instagram and most of the Facebook posting. (Thanks to our awesome hosts for giving me great photos to share!) It’s so fun for me to be able to interact with everyone in this way. I get to support our members and other local runners while promoting all the great things our club does.



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