Become a Referrer

Certain race directors may hold competitions to see who the top referrers are for their race. If the referral tracking feature is enabled for your race, then this tutorial will teach you how to locate your referral code and share it with family and friends.


Certain race directors may hold competitions to see who the top referrers are for their race. If the referral tracking feature is enabled for your race, then you will be supplied with a unique referral code that will credit you as the referrer any time that a user visits and/or registers as a result of your referral.

Locating Your Personal Referral Code

The main location where you will find your personal referral code is within your registration confirmation email. There will be a line reading the following:

Confirmation Email Link

And below that will be a link containing your race referral code (“raceRefCode=XXXXXXXX”). This is the link you will want to share with friends and family in order to receive credit as a referrer.

Confirmation Page Social Links

If you have deleted your confirmation email, then please follow the steps in the section for “How to Resend the Confirmation Email” in order to retrieve your unique referral code link.

Twitter Tweet Note: On the confirmation page, your personal referral code is also included in the messages generated when you click the Facebook and Twitter share buttons. This way, if you choose to use your social networking accounts to spread the word about a race, then you will also receive credit as the referrer of everyone who clicks that link.

Being the Top Referrer

Depending on the race, the “Top Referrer” will either be the person who earned the race the most revenue from their referrals, or the person who had the highest total number of referred users register for the race. In order to increase your chances of becoming the “Top Referrer”, share the link with your referral code in it with family and friends who may be interested in joining you in the race (ex: including the link in a Facebook status, a tweet on Twitter, a blog posting, a monthly newsletter, on the side of blimp, etcetera).

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