Olcott Square Investment Partners, LLC (“OSIP”) was established in 2018 with the belief that proper investing requires uncompromised focus, complete alignment, total independence, and full accountability. 

  • We are focused. We perform fee-based investment management and asset allocation services for our client. We are not distracted by ancillary activities such as selling insurance.​
  • We are aligned. The majority of our principal’s investable assets are invested in the same holdings alongside our clients. We view clients as partners in this respect and hope you view us the same.  
  • We are independent. We have no influencing affiliations with any large financial institutions, no outside ownership interests to please, no quotas to hit, and no commission-based products to sell
  • We are accountable. We do not outsource accountability. You will never hear us blame performance on an external investment manager or on a mutual fund, because we do not use them. All investment decisions are generated internally. At the end of the day, we have to look our clients – in many cases friends and family – in the eyes and justify the veracity of a decision.