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Stacie Sherman
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This year marks the 20th annual Eden Autism 5K & Fun Run/Walk. Our family has been participating in this great event for 15 of those years, ever since Brielle became a part of the Eden family at age 6. Last month, she graduated the Eden school and was welcomed into Eden’s adult program.

For all autism families, the transition from school to adult life is stressful and complicated. Brielle is lucky to have a spot in Eden’s adult program, and we are hopeful she will continue to be cared for and taught by the incredible staff at Eden for years to come.

Founded in 1975, Eden was among the first providers to address the need for autism services throughout the lifespan, from the point of diagnosis through adulthood. Eden’s adult services include employment training and placement, residential programs and recreation. In order to provide the highest level of essential services that Eden gives to those like Brielle, fundraising is critical. 

In New Jersey, 1 in 35 children were identified with an autism spectrum disorder in 2020. Those children grow into adults. There is wide variation in the type and severity of symptoms people with autism have. My beautiful Brielle is on the most severe end of the spectrum. She is non-verbal, has severe challenges and will require substantial support for the rest of her life.

For our family, the Eden Autism 5K & Fun Run/Walk has become an annual ritual. Dozens of friends and family members show their support, whether they run, walk, volunteer, cheer or donate.

My goal again is to raise $5,000, which my incredible company has pledged to match. I have met my goal every year, thanks to all of you. Please help me do so again this year! 



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$18,401 Raised By 91 Donors

$5,000 On Behalf Of Bloomberg - Matching Donation
$5,000 On Behalf Of Bloomberg - Stacie's Dollars for Hours
$865 from Anonymous
$500 on behalf of David Essary
$338 on behalf of Venue at Smithville fundraiser
$300 on behalf of Venue at Smithville
$296 from Anonymous
$250 on behalf of Donna and Paul Morgan
$250 on behalf of Robin Meszoly
$250 on behalf of Tony Garavaglia
$250 on behalf of William (Tinker) Kelly
$200 on behalf of Todd Lucas
$100 in honor of Brielle
$100 on behalf of Bill Siegel
$100 on behalf of Brian Bryson
$100 on behalf of Brian Frank
$100 on behalf of Carey
$100 on behalf of David Morris
$100 on behalf of David Glaser
$100 on behalf of Dorette Presson
$100 on behalf of Elizabeth Frayer
$100 on behalf of Hunter Whittington
$100 On Behalf Of Indira and Rajendran Chinnaya
$100 on behalf of Jan and Michelle Sherman
$100 on behalf of Joanne Leilich
$100 on behalf of Josh Spivak
$100 on behalf of Kathy Campbell
$100 on behalf of Kenneth Nowak
$100 on behalf of Leigh Gross
$100 On Behalf Of Michele Thomas
$100 on behalf of Mike and Roseann Hylemon
$100 in memory of Mira Stulman
$100 on behalf of Pat and Michelle Kenny
$100 on behalf of Robert Masucci
$100 on behalf of Robert Shestack
$100 on behalf of Roseann DeJesus Carroll
$100 on behalf of Sara Schoenfelf
$100 on behalf of Stephen Servetah
$100 on behalf of the Gallis
$100 on behalf of Theresa Cilio
$97 On Behalf Of Marsh & McLennan Companies Matching Gift
$50 on behalf of Aimee Ribecca
$50 on behalf of Amalia Taillefer
$50 on behalf of Dan Igo
$50 on behalf of Debra Jackson-McRae
$50 on behalf of Donna Conigliaro
$50 on behalf of Dorothy Bayles
$50 on behalf of Doug Rooker
$50 in honor of Dylan Akcay
$50 on behalf of Elizabeth Campbell
$50 on behalf of Ellyn Cominetto
$50 on behalf of Francine Schwartz
$50 on behalf of Ilissa Friedberg
$50 on behalf of Jenny Kalish
$50 On Behalf Of Joseph and Patricia LaBella
$50 on behalf of Karen Toulon
$50 on behalf of Kathy Bauer
$50 On Behalf Of Kim and Anthony Pompei
$50 on behalf of Kim Starr Starr
$50 On Behalf Of Lewis and Theresa Lawitz
$50 On Behalf Of Lief and Elizabeth Breden
$50 on behalf of Linda & Tony D'Errico
$50 on behalf of Maryelizabeth Zacharias
$50 on behalf of nora cochran
$50 on behalf of Paul Serotta (from his sibling’s b’nai Mitzvah)
$50 in memory of Rita and in honor of Brielle
$50 on behalf of Stephanie and Rich Gargiulo
$50 on behalf of Susan Dunning
$50 on behalf of Toni Pericoloso
$40 on behalf of Kris Cantrella
$40 On Behalf Of Patricia and Charles Paul
$30 on behalf of Zena Stewart
$25 from Anonymous
$25 in honor of Brielle
$25 on behalf of Derek Wallbank
$25 On Behalf Of Jeanmarie Sigismondi
$25 On Behalf Of Jeffrey and Joyce Alexander
$25 on behalf of Jill Curlis
$25 from Anonymous
$25 On Behalf Of Michele Adams
$25 on behalf of Michelle Goldberg
$25 on behalf of Nicholas Behmke
$25 on behalf of Paul Righter
$25 on behalf of Robin Holloway
$25 on behalf of Sally Pugh
$25 on behalf of Sharon Kalich
$25 on behalf of Sharon Roth
$25 on behalf of Zach Husain
$20 on behalf of Ana Wetzel
$20 on behalf of Sharon Campagnola
$20 on behalf of Victoria Barone

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