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Elan Lederer's Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser
Help in Donating a Specialized Wheelchair for Israeli Veterans

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Hi. This is Elan Lederer. I look forward to celebrating my bar mitzvah this summer in Israel. Among the choices I looked at for my bar mitzvah chesed project, the programs Beit Halochem provide in helping disabled Israeli veterans, was most special to me. I have Israeli cousins who serve in the army and have listened to Israeli soldiers who came to share about their experiences at my school, as well. I realize they all have to be very brave and are sacrificing a whole lot to protect Israel.

    I chose to focus on basketball to help these veterans, as it is my passion. Every day, I wait at the bus stop to HAFTR, dribbling my basketball. Throughout the school day, I look forward to the recess bell, so I can run to play ball with my friends. It makes my whole day better. I also enjoy playing in the 5 Towns league, even though we can’t seem to win a game… (But, that’s a story for another time.)

    Beit Halochem is an organization that offers many important services to these brave men and women and helps them with physical rehabilitation, emotional assistance, and a healthy social outlet. Wheelchair basketball may be the favorite activity offered at Bet Holochem as it combines
rehabilitation, along with the thrill of competition and camaraderie. I bet they look forward to playing, as I do for recess.

    So, that’s why I am participating in the 5towns Bet Halochem fundraising race on Sunday, June 9th. I am seeking to raise $3,600, to help finance a specialized athletic wheelchair that can be enjoyed by the veteran athletes during their practice and competitive games. I will also be going to Israel with my parents to visit the facility, and play a pickup game with these special men and women. I can’t wait to see them enjoy playing, as much as I do!

    I couldn’t imagine what losing a leg, or being paralyzed, must be like. The soldiers and veterans were there for Israel, now it’s our turn to be there for them. Please consider sponsoring me in the race and contributing to my bar mitzvah chesed project! Together we can help support our veteran, disabled brothers and sisters in Israel. Thank you so much. I am very grateful for your support!

Top Donors

$10,184 Raised By 67 Donors

$1,000 on behalf of Elan Lederer
$500 on behalf of helene lederer
$500 on behalf of In Honor of Jeff and Elan Lederer from Adam Azrak
$360 on behalf of Judith & Kenneth Gribetz
$360 on behalf of Larry Milstein
$360 on behalf of Orit Gribetz
$250 on behalf of Best Friend Of Elan
$250 on behalf of Dov & Ronit Lederer
$250 on behalf of Mark and Jessica Matiash
$250 on behalf of Tamar and Gabe Feder
$200 on behalf of C Kelly Smith
$180 on behalf of Carin and Eric Gribetz
$180 on behalf of Dan Brand
$180 on behalf of David Waxman
$180 on behalf of Devora, Bruce, Lauren, Eric & Nicole
$180 on behalf of Elliot Jakubowitz
$180 on behalf of In memory of Gloria & Morty Schwartstein
$180 on behalf of Jessica Gribetz
$180 on behalf of JSF Financial, LLC
$180 from Anonymous
$180 on behalf of Lani and David Pelcovitz
$180 on behalf of Paul Chapman
$180 on behalf of Sheri and Shalom Hammer
$180 on behalf of Yuval Hiltzik
$150 on behalf of Brian Mercado
$140 on behalf of Rebecca Lazar
$118 on behalf of Beth Elkis
$118 on behalf of michelle mizrachi
$100 on behalf of alan stern
$100 on behalf of Ariel Glaubach
$100 on behalf of Asher Gulko
$100 on behalf of Avi & Laurie Kestenbaum
$100 on behalf of Dov Statfeld
$100 on behalf of Gary Jacobs
$100 on behalf of Ian and Abby Hucul
$100 on behalf of Joseph Kashani
$100 on behalf of Joseph Langer
$100 on behalf of Kate and Eric Englander
$100 on behalf of Kseniya Shetrit
$100 on behalf of Nechama Saks
$100 on behalf of Nina Greenberg
$100 on behalf of Rena Klein
$100 on behalf of Rochelle and Freddy Kohn
$100 on behalf of Sarah Hiller-Bersson
$100 on behalf of Sharon & Aharon Levi
$100 on behalf of Steven & Elanit Hirsch
$100 on behalf of Steven Schwell
$100 on behalf of The Spiess Family
$100 on behalf of Victor PORETZ
$100 on behalf of Your “Great”-Aunt Ethel
$72 on behalf of Carol & Joseph Tuchman
$72 on behalf of Dvora Flamholz
$72 on behalf of Mazal Tov - Paul and Chana Moskowitz
$54 on behalf of Bruce Sklover
$54 on behalf of Frada Pasik
$54 on behalf of Hillel Axelrod
$54 on behalf of Howard Lebowitz
$54 on behalf of Tami Scheinberg
$54 on behalf of The Austins
$54 on behalf of vicki witkin
$50 on behalf of David Spett
$50 from Anonymous
$36 on behalf of Chumi Diamond
$36 on behalf of Dalia Nagel
$36 on behalf of Lori Fields
$18 on behalf of Hinda Mizrahi
$18 from Anonymous

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