Refund Policy

A special event warrants special rules and regulations. We understand life happens, so here are the options you have when life steps in.
A participant may move to a shorter event (i.e From 2/3 to 1/3) for no charge until 9/30. After 9/30 there will be a $25 transfer fee if moving down in events.
A participant may move to a longer event (i.e From 1/3 to 2/3) by paying the difference of their paid entry and the current price of the new event with no added transfer fee. After 9/30, no transfer fee will be added, but the participent will still pay the difference between events.
A participant may transfer their entry to a new participant for the following fees before 9/30:
- 1/3 - $25
- 2/3 - $40
- FULL - $60
No Participent Transfers will occur after 9/30
Sommer Sports does not provide REFUNDS of any kind. Our DEFERMENT POLICY is given in the form of a coupon code valued at 50% of your paid entry fee, good for any future Sommer Spor