For the past 2 years, Summit City Brewerks Brewery and Pub located at 1501 East Berry Street inside what is most commonly known as “The Old Bun Candy Factory” has expanded from their original 4,500 square foot space to 10,000 square feet. Due to Wayne Candies own expansions over the decades, the vast brick building has parts of varying ages. The “new” space is just that, newer. From the first time we stepped foot in what was our original space we loved the look and charm of the nearly 100 year old part of the building. However, this older space made for some challenges when it came to production. We were very excited to see, what is now our new space, for the first time after a previous tenant moved out. The construction was much newer and more conducive to a modern production facility. It was a big leap financially to more than double the size of our business after being open for a relatively short time but now that it’s finished we are confident that it was the right move at the right time.