Port Everglades Pilots Association operates with a cohesive team of pilots, pilot boat captains, maintenance, and office staff. With the support of our pilot boat captains and shoreside staff, the pilots work together to ensure the ships coming into and out of Port Everglades do so safely and efficiently.

All pilots in the Port Everglades Pilots Association are dual licensed by both the State of Florida and the United States Coast Guard to provide compulsory marine pilotage to all seagoing vessels calling at Port Everglades or Port Dania.  The type of pilot required falls into these two general categories, state and federal.  

The pilots at Port Everglades provide complete service to and from the berth to the point of embarkation/disembarkation, including docking and un-docking the vessel.  Although under certain circumstances Florida law provides the option of the Master performing the docking and un-docking maneuvers, it is strongly recommended the Pilot perform these maneuvers.