Commercial soap in your bathroom? Throw that junk away. 

Tired of smelling like an old lady from the "beauty bar" sitting in your tub? Toss it.

Gunslinger's soaps don't have the chemicals and crap in them like seen on store shelves - we use all natural oils, the way that soaps should be. 

Today's commercial soaps are less "soap" and more "detergent". They're mass produced with cheap chemicals that are known to dry and irritate skin, and have links to various cancers. Then they add MORE chemicals to combat these side effects of their product. 

Gunslinger Soaps are made with natural oils that clean and condition your skin, act as an anti-inflammatory, and provide antioxidants for skin health. This is how soaps have been made for almost 5000 years, and for good reason.

And it smells damn good too.

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