Owned and operated by Jerry and Amy Johnson
I have been in the engineering, IT consulting, and technology industry over the last 25 years, but recently, had the desire to do something more meaningful with my career and life, have chosen to pursue a livelihood more fitting with my passions. That’s where the Endurance House fit into the picture, providing the perfect concept for this adventure.

My first triathlon was back in 1987, done with very little training or knowledge, but it planted the seed. After getting deeply involved with my career, I continued to bike and run sporadically, but was never as committed as I wished I could have been. After several years of minimal activity, and a realization that my outlook on life was always much better when I was more active (just ask my wife ☺), I reprioritized my schedule to allow for more exercise. After a handful of organized runs and several Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons from 2006-2010, I did two half-ironman events in 2011-2012 and then progressed to Ironman distance in Wisconsin Ironman in 2012.

As life-long Midwesterner, but a non-winter enthusiast, I focused in on the Sarasota area for the location, where my parents had recently moved, as an ideal location for the store offering a year-round training environment.

I am eagerly looking forward to continuing to integrate myself into my new Sarasota/Bradenton community. As owners of Endurance House Sarasota, my wife, Amy, and I, are excited at the prospect of bringing new participants from all walks of life into an active lifestyle by providing gold standard guest service to triathletes, runners, and walkers of all abilities in a genuine and encouraging atmosphere.